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Drivers obsoletos: ¿por qué Windows los muestra ahora?

Obsolete drivers: why is Windows showing them now?

What's the point of Windows showing outdated drivers in the updates available for the system for a while? At first it sounds like a...
Actualizaciones de Windows: ¿cuándo me toca a mí?

Windows updates: when is my turn?

It has been several months since the list of Windows updates added a marked milestone with the arrival of Windows 10 2004, an update...
Actualizaciones de Windows, ¿qué tal solo una al año?

Windows updates, how about just one a year?

Actually We are in the period between the two big Windows updates of 2020. A few months have passed since the arrival of...
Actualizaciones de Windows: más control con Update Manager

Windows updates: more control with Update Manager

Any user of the Microsoft operating system knows that Windows updates are sometimes a headache. And is that, for example, some updates are...

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