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Samsung Galaxy A camara emergente giratoria

Samsung patents a rotating pop-up camera for its Galaxy A series

It seems that Samsung wants to give a reinvention to its next smartphones in its mid-range Galaxy A, with the recent concepts of the...
Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Samsung lowers the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G to bring folding to...

Samsung has announced a significant price reduction for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, one of the latest generation folding smartphones that the South Korean...
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite: SoC Snapdragon 775G y pantalla OLED a buen precio 31

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite: Snapdragon 775G SoC and OLED screen at a good price

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is emerging as one of the most interesting mid-range smartphones of 2021, and as a worthy successor to the...
Google Pixel smartphone flexible

Google works on a folding smartphone under its Pixel brand

While Google Pixel smartphones have managed to remain one of the most interesting options on the market, it seems that the company still does...
Motorola también prueba la carga inalámbrica remota

Motorola also tests remote wireless charging

If during 2019 and 2020 Motorola has stood out for its prolific catalog of mid-range and upper-middle-range smartphones, it seems increasingly clear that 2021...
ZTE Axon 30 Pro 5G: ¿qué sabemos de sus cámaras?

ZTE Axon 30 Pro 5G: what do we know about its cameras?

The ZTE Axon 30 Pro 5G will be the next top of the range from the Shenzhen manufacturer, and although we still do not...
Samsung pone el foco en pantallas enrollables y plegables

Samsung focuses on roll-up and folding screens

It was an open secret, but we can finally confirm that Samsung to focus on rolling and folding screens in 2021. And I...
iPhone 13: ¿tendrá o no tendrá Touch ID?

iPhone 13: will it or will it not have Touch ID?

Yes, there are still many months to go before the presentation of the iPhone 13, but despite this, it is a rare week that...
iPhone 12s Pro

Renders of the iPhone 12s Pro: this could be the new Apple smartphone

The iPhone 12s Pro could become Apple's next flagship smartphone, provided that the rumors that bet in favor of said name are confirmed, and...
Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 points to an anticipated release date that is expected

With the Galaxy Z Fold 2 still more than half a year old, it seems that Samsung is ready to break with its recurring...

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