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Google mejorará la seguridad de las extensiones de Chrome

Google will improve the security of Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions, the most widely used web browser by far they are, at the same time, part of the best and worst of the...
Edward Snowden

Russia grants permanent residence to Edward Snowden

Edward snowden, the former CIA employee who exposed the massive spy programs of the United States National Security Agency (NSA), has obtained permanent residence...
Chrome no elimina datos, aunque le indiques que lo haga

Chrome doesn’t delete data, even if you tell it to

That Google Chrome is the most used browser today is something that no one is missing. And it is that, both with its...
PS4 y PS5 graban chats de voz

Sony will record voice chats on PS4 and PS5 to facilitate reporting to other...

After the arrival of the latest update 8.0 for PS4, some users have found this morning with the "unpleasant" surprise of the appearance of...
El movimiento de tu móvil y lo que cuenta sobre ti

The movement of your mobile and what it tells about you

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that? What is the movement of your mobile telling about you and your lifestyle habits? It is...
WhatsApp Web Privacidad Desbloqueo Huella

WhatsApp Web improves your privacy with fingerprint authentication

According to the latest information published in WABetaInfo, the latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android ( would be testing a new function that...
WebBundles: una mirada crítica desde Brave

WebBundles: a critical look from Brave

That the web is alive and is constantly evolving, is a reality that projects such as WebBundles They leave an explicit record every little...
usuario de android

They accuse Google of spying on the use of Android applications to develop alternatives

How do they set it up in Google to decide what new application to develop, with what design and functionality? Spying on the user,...
Firefox en Android: problema de seguridad con la cámara

Firefox on Android: security problem with the camera

Imagine that you open the Firefox browser on Android, use the camera in that app and, when finished, close the app and continue doing...
Apple no quiere que tapes la cámara de tu Macbook

Apple does not want you to cover the camera of your Macbook

Yes, you read correctly, to Apple does not like to see that you cover the camera of your Macbook with those protectors that serve...

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