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Windows 10 20H2: cómo evitar la actualización

Windows 10 20H2: how to avoid the update

Just a few days ago the start of the deployment, by Microsoft, of Windows 10 20H2, the second "great" Windows update of this 2020....
Windows 10 20H2 ya está aquí

Windows 10 20H2 is here

After months of talking about Windows 10 20H2, the last "great" Windows update of this 2020 has finally arrived. Microsoft is already starting...
OpenBSD 6.8

OpenBSD 6.8, new version on the 25th anniversary

OpenBSD 6.8 is the new version of UNIX-based operating system specialized in computer security, which those responsible for the project have released to celebrate...
Windows 10: ¿por qué se han instalado las PWA sin permiso de los usuarios?

Windows 10: Why have PWAs been installed without user permission?

A few days ago we told you that Microsoft was installing progressive web applications (PWA) in Windows 10 without user intervention. More specifically,...
Drivers obsoletos: ¿por qué Windows los muestra ahora?

Obsolete drivers: why is Windows showing them now?

What's the point of Windows showing outdated drivers in the updates available for the system for a while? At first it sounds like a...
Patch Tuesday: hora de actualizar Windows

Patch Tuesday: time to update Windows

Like every month, we already have a new Patch Tuesday, you know, a group of updates for Windows and that focuses on solving security...
Windows 10X llegará (finalmente) el primer semestre de 2021

Windows 10X will (finally) arrive in the first half of 2021

Since its announcement, back in October 2019, we have heard a lot (and speculated) about Windows 10X, the most modular and adaptable version of...
Windows 10 20H2: ¿qué esperamos de la próxima actualización de Windows?

Windows 10 20H2: What do we expect from the next Windows update?

Although there is still no exact date for its arrival, Windows 10 20H2 is getting closer every day. Little by little, for a...
Actualizaciones de Windows 10

New Windows 10 updates break the start menu

Although Microsoft's intentions were always the best, the rapid introduction of minor updates for Windows 10 often brings us more problems than they solve....
Actualizaciones de Windows: ¿cuándo me toca a mí?

Windows updates: when is my turn?

It has been several months since the list of Windows updates added a marked milestone with the arrival of Windows 10 2004, an update...

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