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Windows 10

Windows 10 will have best-in-class apps, according to Microsoft

Microsoft continues to work to improve Windows 10. On this occasion, the Redmond giant has not set its sights on performance, nor on issues...
Microsoft Teams mejorará su gestión de memoria

Microsoft Teams will improve your memory management

Microsoft Teams, like other video conferencing services, whether for two or more parties, has experienced a real explosion in its number of users throughout...
Apple vuelve a ser la marca más valiosa del mundo

Apple is once again the most valuable brand in the world

Put a price on a brand like Apple it can be very simple or terribly complex. We have, on the one hand, the...
Microsoft xbox

Microsoft surpassed 5 billion in gaming revenue in 2020

Like every year, Microsoft has just advertise and publish the financial results of its last quarter ended on December 31, 2020, with impressive data...
Surface Laptop 4

Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft’s new laptops arrive in spring

Surface Laptop 4 will be the next addition to Microsoft's internal hardware lineup, if information posted on Windows Central. The launch would follow...
tema oscuro de Windows 10

Windows 10 Dark Theme Will Offer Major Improvements

Since the Windows 10 dark theme was announced a long time ago, the community's interest in this mode has not diminished at all, quite...
Surface Pro 7

Microsoft teases MacBook Pro in new Surface Pro 7 ad

The advertising of products in which their characteristics are praised by comparing them with the competition with a burlesque tone come from afar and...
Microsoft subirá el precio de Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft reverses Xbox Live price hike

What began as a rumor soon turned into an even more bitter reality. And is that during this week Microsoft announced a notable...
Microsoft empieza a prepara el despliegue de Windows 10 21H1

Microsoft begins preparing the deployment of Windows 10 21H1

Although there are still a few months until their arrival, Microsoft has already started preparations for the arrival to our Windows 10 systems 21H1....
Microsoft subirá el precio de Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft will raise the price of Xbox Live Gold

Bad news for Xbox Live Gold users, and that is Microsoft has announced what the price of the service will increase in certain countries,...

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