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Balenciaga crea un videojuego para estrenar su próxima colección de ropa 1

Balenciaga creates a video game to premiere its next clothing collection

Crossed out just a few years ago from being a niche market for an audience rejected by society, more and more sectors now want...
Newskill Pyros

Newskill Pyros surprises us with an ultra compact wireless keyboard

Although Newskill had already told us that he wanted to end 2020 in style, it does not mean that the Spanish company will surprise...
Trust Gaming Black Friday

Trust offers discounts of up to 40% on gaming during Black Friday

The most popular sale day, Black Friday, is back with a unique opportunity to help us renew our entire setup. And it is...
Crea tu propio entorno gaming con Trust GXT

Create your own gaming environment with Trust GXT

To have a true gaming space, a computer (or console) and a screen are no longer enough. And is that the huge number...
Corsair Vengeance A7200 Zen3 Ampere

Corsair Vengeance A7200 gets updated with Zen 3 and Ampere

While many gamers prefer to build their own computers from scratch, more and more are choosing to pre-devised configurations. Which is why Corsair...
MSI anuncia un "modo consola" para sus monitores gaming 31

MSI announces a “console mode” for its gaming monitors

Updating with the new needs of gamers derived from the arrival of the new generation of consoles, MSI has just announced the next update...
Trust GXT 970 Morfix ratón gaming personalizable

Trust GXT 970 Morfix lands as a fully customizable gaming mouse

For a gamer, precision is vital, as it can help you beat your rivals and win games. To achieve this, one of the...
Razer Kaira Pro auriculares PC Xbox Series X Android

Razer Kaira Pro, a headset focused on getting the most out of Microsoft’s gaming...

With the new generation of consoles just around the corner, new accessories are beginning to arrive aimed at meeting new multiplatform needs, such as...
LG UltraGear 27GN800

LG UltraGear 27GN800 lands as an ultrawide gaming monitor at 144Hz and 1ms

Further expanding its offer on its latest gaming products presented, LG presents us the new LG 27GN800, an ultra-wide gaming monitor equipped with a...
Trust sillas gaming

Trust presents its new gaming chairs and seats for racing simulators

More and more gamers are aware of the importance of having a seat specifically designed for video games, which allows them to maintain the...

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