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mandos DualSense de PS5

PS5 DualSense controllers are giving problems

When Sony announced the PS5 DualSense it spoke of improved ergonomics, highlighting the importance of both the haptic response system, which would allow players...
Android 10 en Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch can now run Android 10 (unofficially)

Running Android 10 on Nintendo Switch is now possible with one new version from SwitchRoot, the first computer that ported Android to the console....
Oodle Kraken: lo mejor que le podía pasar al almacenamiento de PS5

Oodle Kraken: the best thing that could happen to PS5 storage

If you haven't heard of Oodle Kraken yet and you have or want to buy a PlayStation 5, you should know that this technology...
Sony PS5

Sony loses money for every PS5 it sells but breaks revenue records

Like every beginning of the year, Sony shared This week its latest data and financial results for the previous year, this time taking on...
Xbox Series X y Series S

Xbox Series X and Series S will continue to have very limited availability until...

Mike Spencer, Head of Investor Relations, has confirmed that the stock of Xbox Series X and Series S will remain very limited in the...
Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch continues to grow, and surpasses the sales of Nintendo 3DS

Slowly but steadily, the popularity of the Nintendo Switch seems to be far from over. And is that despite having lacked any major...
Demanda fallo Joy-Con Nintendo Switch

Europe formally accuses Nintendo of a programmed failure in its Joy-Con

Two years ago the first complaints from players and some European institutions against Nintendo began, because of the recurring fault (not to say inevitable)...
Microsoft subirá el precio de Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft reverses Xbox Live price hike

What began as a rumor soon turned into an even more bitter reality. And is that during this week Microsoft announced a notable...
PS5 vende doble Xbox Series X 2020

PS5 has sold almost twice as many units as Xbox Series X

The war for next-gen consoles is not over, but the 2020 sales figures are in, and it seems that Sony's console has finally been...
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo to launch a Mario Edition Nintendo Switch on February 12

Nintendo has just announced with a post on Twitter the launch of a version of Nintendo Switch, its portable console, which will be inspired...

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