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PS5 Slim

Concept design of PS5 Slim: this could be the review of the new Sony...

LetsGoDigital has published a series of conceptual renderings dedicated to PS5 Slim, a console that does not yet exist, but that will end up...
Vizio televisores gaming 4k a 120 fps

Vizio presents its TVs for games with FreeSync and 4K at 120 fps

With the new game consoles just around the corner, and the new RTX 30 and Radeon RX 6000 graphics card families for PC introduced...
Xbox Series X y Series S RDNA 2 AMD

Microsoft says Xbox Series X and S will leverage full RDNA 2 capabilities

Just a few hours ago, AMD took the virtual stage to present its next-generation GPUs, built under the new RDNA 2 architecture based on...
PS5: Sony desvela todos los detalles de PlayStation Plus

PS5: Sony reveals all the details of PlayStation Plus

One of the doubts that future owners of a PS5 have raised the most is what Sony will offer to users who purchase PlayStation...
Sony PS5 venta anticipada aumento demanda

Demand for PS5 experiences significant growth ahead of launch

With some units sold out since their first day of availability, it seems that the latest PS5 unboxing videos shared by the international press...
Xbox Series X y Series S vídeo demostración

Xbox Series X shown in full in an explanatory demo video

With just two weeks until the arrival of the new generation of consoles, Microsoft wanted to remind us all the features and news that...
Nintendo Switch Pro podría tener una pantalla Mini-LED

Nintendo Switch Pro could have a Mini-LED screen

The months (if not the years) go by, and Nintendo still has us waiting for the Switch Pro. Finally, and except for one last...
DualSense PS5 PC Android

The PS5 DualSense is compatible with Android and PC, but not with PS4

Since we first saw it, the PS5 DualSense certainly wowed us. And it is that in addition to its renewed design, this new...
Nintendo Switch Joy-con independiente

Nintendo Switch will start selling its Joy-Cons individually

In the same way that it happens to us with socks, one of the problems that has most haunted Nintendo Switch users has been...
Project xCloud controlador Xbox Game Pass

Project xCloud could include its own remote and a TV connector

Officially released as Xbox Game Streaming, but still better known by its first codename Project xCloud, it appears that Microsoft's newcomer game streaming service...

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