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APU Ryzen 5000

Ryzen 5000 APUs will support DDR5 and Navi 2

"Van Gogh" is the code name for the next 'accelerated processing units'from AMD, Ryzen 5000. They have appeared in an update of the Linux...
AMD llevará nuevos Ryzen y Athlon a los Chromebooks 31

AMD will bring new Ryzen and Athlon to Chromebooks

Until now, the Chromebook concept was linked to a team of basic features, inexpensive and highly oriented towards office tasks and web browsing. ...
AMD Radeon RX 6000

AMD shows the Radeon RX 6000 and debuts new cooling system

Introducing the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series is scheduled for October 28, but it seems that the Sunnyvale company has not wanted to wait...
AMD presentará Zen 3 el 8 de octubre, y RDNA 2 el 28 de octubre 34

AMD will introduce Zen 3 on October 8, and RDNA 2 on October 28

It's official, AMD has confirmed us that the presentation of Zen 3 will take place October 8. As expected, it will take place...
MSI Alpha

MSI Alpha increases performance with Ryzen Mobile 4000 and Radeon graphics

If you bet on AMD hardware in laptops, pay attention to the MSI Alpha because it is the series where the Taiwanese manufacturer is...
Zen 3

Zen 3 will use 10-core configurations and will bring major improvements

The Zen 3 architecture will make its debut in the coming months. AMD has not yet given a specific date, but everything seems...
Radeon RX 6800

The Radeon RX 6800 will be priced at $ 549, will come with 16GB...

AMD is finalizing the presentation of the Radeon RX 6000, a line of next generation graphics cards that will be championed by the Radeon...
RX 6000

AMD confirms the RX 6000, direct rival of the RTX 30

AMD has confirmed the Radeon RX 6000 series in a very curious way, through the Fortnite game. I explain what has happened. ...
Ryzen 3000XT

The Ryzen 3000XT are hurting AMD, we tell you why

When AMD launched the Ryzen 3000XT I couldn't help but look at the circumstance. You can't blame me, those of you who read...
chipset A520

AMD launches the A520 chipset, we will finally see cheap motherboards for Zen 2...

It's been a long time, but it's finally here AMD has confirmed the launch of the A520 chipset, a solution that, as our regular...

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