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Bizzard trusts Diablo 4 and hopes it will not have launch problems after the latest betas

Blizzard is ‘confident’ that Diablo 4 will not be broken on its servers at launch, the developer and publisher feel good that the ARPG will work once it arrives in early June.

Diablo 4 is 3 weeks away from pcPS4, PS5 and Xbox and Blizzard trust that everything goes well after the betas. In fact, the community director clarified the doubts about this and the final version.

AAA players are right now more nervous about the release of a big-budget game than about its development times, considering the state the latter have reached.

And considering that the Diablo 4 servers they didn’t hold up to recent gaming tests, even more so. But the studio knows of these concerns, so it’s “really safe” that him Diablo 4 release it will be a more stable and smooth experience this time.


Diablo 4, 35 minutes of the beta on PS5!

With Diablo 3 it was ‘Error 37’ and since the sequel to this one also has requirements where you have to always be connected, many are concerned that everything will go to Wednesday when they return to Sanctuary.

Diablo II Resurrected something similar happened at its premiere and let’s not even talk about Overwatch 2, but through a interview with Eurogamer the Diablo 4 Associate Director Joe Piepiora has chatted about betas.

In short, the beta testing conducted by Blizzard These months have been made so that they are key when it comes to avoiding a disastrous launch on June 6.

Whether on PS4 or Xbox One, on-screen gameplay will be optimal

Each of these betas has been transformed in terms of understanding our own technical capabilities and what we need to do to create a smooth launch experience.Piepiora said. “So it’s been great.“.

Blizzard told the aforementioned medium that before the public beta, it had already done many internal tests. But while these help find some bugs and issues, Piepiora explained that large-scale betas with real players are much more useful.

When you have people arriving from different ISPs and servers around the world, you get more data.said Piepiora.And with each one we find a lot of little things happening.

Things that happen with invites to clans, joining groups in a different way… lots of little things like that across the board.“.

Piepiora also wanted to make it clear that these tests were not “marketing betas“or demos to get people to buy the game and then not fix anything.”none of them was [betas de marketing].

It’s all because we need data to make sure the launch goes smoothly. That’s been the whole purpose for the betas we’ve done.“.

Also, it said that Blizzard and the developers are working on the game”learning a lot” of each beta and also -the last one- it was quite good and it even helped to find bugs “in the backend“what if not fixed”would have resulted in launch issues“.

It is clear that Bizzard trusts Diablo 4 and hopes it will not have launch problems after the latest betasbut Piepiora is completely sure of it in the study.





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