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LEGO Fortnite concrete details: world made of LEGO, bosses and adventures

Fortnite and Epic Games will collaborate to create a world made of LEGO in Fortnite, with NPC characters, own interface, bosses and “Adventures” mode, surely in the Unreal Engine 5 editor.

Fortnite is much more than just a battle royale free to play. It is a “hub” where thousands of creators design their own worlds, maps and experiences. And soon, the world of Fortnite will be enriched… with bricks LEGO.

A year ago, we told you that LEGO and Epic Games were collaborating to create a safe metaverse for children and families. They did not give many details at the time, but rumors are already spreading about what it will look like.

HYPEXone of the main content creators and “insiders” of the Fortnite world, previews what the collaboration between LEGO and Epic Games consists of.

NPC characters, bosses, world with LEGO blocks and “Adventures” in LEGO Fortnite

According to information from GMatrixGames, this collaboration will consist of the creation of a standalone game mode in Fortnite, made of LEGO.

This would have NPC characters, bosses, its own interface, and something called “Adventures”. The entire world and character models would be made with LEGO, which could bring it closer, at least aesthetically, to LEGO Worlds, LEGO’s forgotten “Minecraft.”

There are no more specific details, but this mode is most likely part of the free Fortnite experience, and can be accessed just like any other Creative Mode map, now powered by the Unreal Editor for Fortnite on Unreal Engine 5.

The question is, will there be collaboration in the other direction, with physical LEGO sets and toys featuring the Fortnite characters? for now, that is not something that has been talked about, at least that is known.

This collaboration with Epic Games on Fortnite represents another step lego group in expanding his imprint in video games. Their collaboration with Warner Bros. Games and TT Games for LEGO adventure games (such as LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga) will continue, but they are opening the doors for other partnerships.

Without going any further, the driving game LEGO 2K Drive is coming out at the end of the month, and another collaboration with 2K Games is expected to be on the horizon, for a soccer game. lego fortniteintegrated into the battle royale, could be his most popular work.





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