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After Octopath Traveler II, its creators are not yet ready to commit to Octopath Traveler 3 and talk about evolving

The developers of Octopath Traveler II are not prepared to commit to a future and hypothetical Octopath Traveler 3, instead they have talked about evolution with the sequel.

Octopath Traveler had many fans on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC and Steam Deck, but after this Octopath Traveler II (released on PS4 and PS5) this increased; now its creators do not see for the moment a Octopath Traveler 3.

After a first game and its sequel where it is ‘improved in (almost) everything from the original’, many will be wondering if these two games are part of a trilogy. But according to several of those responsible for it at Famitsu, not for now.

thanks to what read through Nintendo Everything the director Keisuke Miyauchi, his producer Masashi Takahashi and the artist Naoki Ikushima have participated in the chat with japanese magazine.


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It would be Takahashi himself who would end up sharing some interesting facts about Octopath Traveler II. Specifically about how the team decided to go with evolution instead of making big changes to the original gameplay.

Octopath Traveler II is a more and better manual: a game that may not be able to change the first’s detractors, but thanks to its novelties and improvements it will dazzle lovers of turns and traditional JRPGs“, we said in our analysis.

Knowing this, Famitsu said: “Compared to the previous installment, this game has come a long way, but I can’t help but wonder: ‘If II has already evolved so much, what would they do to create a III?’ Although maybe it’s a little early“, admitted the interviewer.





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