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Xbox Insider stops testing with console menu or dashboard and announces changes after complaints

Xbox Insider has decided to stop testing with the console’s menu or dashboard, now it has left a series of changes after complaints about the UI and more.

Microsoft decides to back off Xbox Insidersthanking the feedback stop testing with menu either dashboard of the console (both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One) and announce changes after complaints.

After a series of complaints made by the community since everything was too condensed, the windows creator He has said he is with a change of plans for his dashboard on xbox home.

In September 2022, Microsoft announced that Xbox Insiders were invited to “help shape the new Xbox Home experience“Beyond Game Pass.

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This test was a “series of multi-month experiments to learn how to create a more personalized home screen experience and address some of the top trends and fan requests“.

But fortunately or unfortunately, sometimes the changes do not go as expected and these were not as well received as Microsoft expected, that’s why they have release So in a blog post.

On the website itself they assure that they are pausing these experiments and that they are going to work for “balance experience, accessibility, function, and the needs of our community and deliver a great and fresh Home experience“.

One of the biggest issues the community had was how cluttered and condensed everything was and the way the UI blocked which backgrounds users could choose from.

As show from IGN through an image, the Master Chief appears in the background almost all hidden by the tabs. This has always been a balance sought by many, having its icons and the background visible at the same time.

The original logo of Series X, Series S and One must be seen well

The community would like to see a bit more balance between the things to interact with on their consoles and the backgrounds that make Home a full Xbox experience.

While Microsoft works to resolve these complaints, Alpha and Alpha-Skip Xbox Insiders they will return to their original Xbox Home experiences; this new customization will be saved for the future.

Thanks for all the comments shared. It’s a key part of our process and the team works hard to incorporate it into the experience and get it to you to use.said Ivy Krislov, Senior Product Manager.

Now what Xbox Insider Stops Dashboard Testing and Announces Changeshow are they going to get there?





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