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Gran Turismo 7 gets 5 new cars next week, including the legendary Porsche 959

Gran Turismo 7 does not step on the brake. The Polyphony Digital game continues to add content. Its creators have shared the first details of an update that will add up to 5 new cars.

Gran Turismo 7 continues to grow. Although the game launched on PS4 and PS5 last year, the new installment in the series has been adding constant free content ever since. Polyphony Digital it still seems to continue to revolutionize the engine of this game.

And he has made it clear with a new report. Next week a new update will be released of Gran Turismo 7 which will add a good helping of content. In this case we will see the arrival of several vehicles And maybe some other surprise.

This coming March 27, Polyphony Digital will launch a patch that will add more vehicles. As we have said, there will be 5 who will join the gameof which we only have the silhouettes, although some are already giving and theorizing with the specific models of these cars.

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More cars on the way for Gran Turismo 7

An update will arrive next week. It’s cherry blossom season in TokyoKazunori Yamauchi reported from his official Twitter account. What will we see in this new update?

Well, we have several cars with parking options in the game of ps4, PS5 and now also from PS VR2. For now, it has been commented that in the upper right and left corners of the image shared by the game director there are two truly iconic Porsches.

It could well correspond to the 904 Carrera GTS and the 959 of the 80s. However, nothing has been confirmed through official sources, although luckily it is not too long that we will have to wait to confirm the image of Kazunori Yamauchi.

On the other hand, the vehicle in the lower left part could be an Audi RS5 DTM, while the Toyota Alphard and a possible Mazda 3 model would be the remaining additions as discussed in GTPlanet. Although it will have to wait.

As soon as we have all the details and patch notes for this new update we will share the information with you. How many cars have you already done in the game? Have you tried the virtual reality mode of PSVR2?

In case you have just arrived at this game, do not hesitate to take a look at our guides such as 6 Gran Turismo 7 tips and tricks to be faster and a better driver whether you are a novice or an expert or the best trick to farm credits in Gran Turismo 7 after update 1.30.





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