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Bungie and Guerrilla mourn the death of Lance Reddick by thanking him for his contributions; he was a regular player in Destiny 2

Video game studios Bungie and Guerrilla Games have issued statements on the death of Lance Reddick. The actor was known for his roles as Zavala in Destiny and Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn – Horizon Forbidden West.

The death of Lance Reddick has taken many by surprise, including Bungie and Warfare. Both studios have said goodbye in a statement thanking the actor for his roles in Destiny and Horizon in ps4PS5, Xbox, pc and Steam Deck.

The film and TV actor has also recently been present in Netflix’s Resident Evil and left shortly before seeing John Wick 4 premiere, but on top of that he was a gamer.

Whoever returned to Destiny 2 as Zavala or to Horizon Forbidden West as Sylens, died at home last Friday, March 17, 2023 at age 60; but shortly before he was playing.

After the news, the redditor TechSwag published on the game’s subreddit how much he played, but when he saw some videos on his Twitter noticed the username appearing and ran to the bungie official website.

This uncovered the actor’s 14,000+ hours in Destiny 2 and that he completed all of the Eclipse missions except the one he was playing the night he died. Also what he played these almost 2 last years with a Titan despite being the main Warlock.

Most of the Subreddit has been surprised and admired, getting to know stories of Reddick joining online games and even chatting face to face with some.

Lance Reddick: actor and great person on and off set

But a releaseBungie says: “Lance Reddick was an iconic screen presence in Destiny and more importantly in person. His love for communication shone through Comandante Zavala at his dedication without confession from him.

To say that we will miss him is to fall far short, but it is no less true for that.“. The NPC of the game has been gathering many players to his side ever since to pay tribute to him, but in Guerrilla Games they have also fired:

Thank you Lance Reddick for everything you have brought to the character of Sylens, for sharing your infinite talent and wisdom with us, for your generous warmth. […] It has been a great honor working with you. Miss you“.

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It remains to be seen if his character appears in Burning Shores, but the mark left among the players is already immaculate.

Bungie and Guerrilla have said goodbye to Lance Reddick after his deathshowing that he was an actor and a player in equal parts.





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