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Yu Suzuki (Shenmue) works an NFT collection on Virtua Fighter

Yu Suzuki is working on a series of NFTs based on Virtua Fighter, remember that the legendary developer was co-creator and director of the fighting game for SEGA for many years.

He co-creator Virtua Fighter is working on a series of NFTs based on the fighting saga, Yu Suzuki has gone ahead with his plans to create this content together with OASYX.

In a collaboration between Suzuki and the NFT firma total of 1,000 will be made available to users non-fungible Virtua Fighter tokens.

This range of NFTs will feature 11 characters from the first 3 Virta Fighter games in the creative worlds of OASYX, creating a unique and exciting experience for new and old Virtua Fighter fans alike.” the company said.

In this tweet that you can see, the company announced that the “campaigns will start very soon” since both companies have joined forces with the original trilogy of games.

The NFTs”They will serve as the basis for future avatars of the Metaverse.”, was added. At the moment no other details are known, but we are sure that soon they will be fully detailed.

SEGA as owner of Virtua Fighter has licensed the IP for the project, according to read in VGC. But the company per se does not appear to be directly involved in the project.

The video game creator also has other notable projects

Yu Suzuki has been the director of the Virtua Fighter saga from its premiere in 1993 until its departure from SEGA in the late 2000s.

During my time as a director at SEGA, I initially developed Virtua Fighter using innovative 3D computer graphics technology.

Which was cutting edge and industry leader at the time“Suzuku himself declared through a statement.

Since then, the Virtua Fighter series has grown to be loved by many gamers and continues to be supported by many fans today.

Through my work overseeing the development of OASYX’s unique vision of the world, I am pleased to combine innovative technology in the form of blackchain-based NFTs.

With the three titles in the Virtua Fighter franchise, new entertainment is created for a wide range of video game fans.“.

SEGA has said other times that it is interested in exploring NFTs, but nothing has come of it. And now that Yu Suzuki (director of Shenmue and more) works on an NFT collection about Virtua Fighter everything remains to be seen.





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