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Where to find all the hedge mazes in Hogwarts Legacy

We tell you exactly where the hedge mazes in Hogwarts Legacy come from and how to get the rewards.

Hedge mazes are one of those secret places that you will surely want to visit in your games at Hogwarts Legacy.

Although we only have five of these hedge mazes in Hogwarts Legacy to discover, because they appear randomly at a specific point on the map each of them, it is likely that you have overlooked them.

Also, the Hogwarts Legacy hedge mazes icon does not appear on the map, so until you get close to the specific area and you are lucky enough to have appeared, you will lose sight of them.

Each of these hedge mazes feature legendary chest rewards, while four of them give you a page explaining the history of hogwarts legacy.


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Where to find all the hedge mazes in Hogwarts Legacy

As we said, there are five hedge mazes that appear at specific points on the map, but they only appear randomly.

We offer you a map with the location of all the hedge mazes that you find on the map but, since they appear randomly, it is likely that when you pass they are not there.

Hogwarts Legacy Hedge Mazes

It’s all luck, so just go through these areas over and over again loading the previous game, until you end up spawning.

And once you have found them and go inside, the operation is very simple, and basically you will find a legendary chest inside. The idea is that you use revelio so that you can see the marked chest through the hedges and so that you can navigate the maze until you reach the reward.

All the mazes have a random design, so you will never see two mazes that are the same.

In addition to the legendary chest, it is possible to find lost pages of the narrative.

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