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What is the best class to play in the Diablo 4 beta?

The Diablo 4 beta is already taking place and as such, here we are going to leave you information pertinent to its classes. How many are there? Are they all available? What are the best in this early access?

early access of devil 4 It has already started and with this some doubts arise about what to use in this first great test of the Blizzard game. The beta has a few classes, one of the crucial choices in any game of any game in the series.

Here we are going to see some information about each of the classes available in the early access beta of Diablo 4 that is already operational worldwide on consoles and PC. Which one are you going to stay with?


Diablo 4, 35 minutes of the beta on PS5!

What is the best class to play in the Diablo 4 beta?

Diablo 4 is going to have five classes, but only three will be available during Early Access this week: Sorceress, Rogue and Barbarian (he Necromancer and the Druid they arrive in the open beta).

Therefore, of the first three we must contemplate that they present very different play styles, although do not be afraid, since during this beta you will be able to create up to 10 different characters with whom you can reach level 25. You will be able to try all of them!

He barbarian It is usually a recommended class for beginners, since melee combat is somewhat easier to control. This class allows you to have different weapons such as swords, maces or axes (one-handed or two-handed) and has powerful abilities.

Each weapon the barbarian uses has an experience stat, so you will be able to progress as you use one or the other. His skill tree will allow you to shoot for different branches such as critical damage, regeneration or fury.

Refering to sorceress, this is a class that we recommend for players who are already a little more seasoned in the Blizzard saga. It’s tricky to wield, but offers great rewards thanks to its combined elemental damage.

The use of fire or ice spells allows you to cause massive damage, but you must know how to move very well, since in melee, sorcerers do not perform so well.

With its enchantment system you can achieve a deadly amalgamation of passive abilities, but make sure you are clear about what you want to sacrifice. The Sorceress might be the best class in the game right now.

Diablo IV

The sassy Girl It has a lot of demon hunter and Amazon of past deliveries. Expert in handling the bow and crossbow, it is a stealth class, so you have to be very clear about how to play Diablo IV with this class.

It can combine ranged damage with backstabs and offers great mobility, which is crucial, since in direct melee it suffers a lot. If you max out your skills you will unlock a state where you don’t consume resources, something that in boss fights will be very beneficial.

It is not easy to understand the concept, but the rogue requires management and control of the situation, since if you waste your skills you can pay dearly in combat in a short time.

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If you are already enjoying the game here we leave you some extra guides on the beta such as the one focused on the World Boss in Diablo 4: Ashava raid schedules for the beta and early access or the rewards that you can redeem by playing this test .

Wanting to play? We remember that Diablo IV will arrive on June 6, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. It has already been indicated that the game will not be available on Xbox Game Pass.

If you want to know more about the game, we remind you that we were able to play Diablo IV at Blizzcon 2019 at the time. Here we leave you our impressions of that time so that you can warm up.






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