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Paula Gonu talks about the merit of IlloJuan when speaking in Andalusian because "I’m sure 70% don’t even understand"

The Catalan influencer Paula Gonu has made a series of comments about IlloJuan that have not taken long to generate controversy, especially regarding the Andalusian accent of the streamer from Malaga.

IlloJuan and Paula Gonu are very different from each other even though they are two content creators, but the catalan made some comments about it Andalusian accent of the Malaga streamer on Twitch that has not taken long to generate controversy.

Disseminated through TikTok and shared on social networks such as Twitter, Gonu has made a series of derogatory and classist comments about the way of speaking of the native of Fuengirola, alleging that he has “merit“.

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The merit of being a person called IlloJuan from his **** home and having 40k people watching you speak Andalusian and surely 70% don’t even understand him“Gonu said with deep approval.

Here we already have the first lack of this influencer, addressing herself in this way only called IlloJuan. Would things have changed by having the name ‘JuanAlbertooo’, ‘Juanillo’ or ‘Kike’?

I mean, that has a **** merit and every day the same…“, Gonu continued saying. Although criticism is not understood here, the man from Malaga plays video games and talks about current affairs; talking about dubbing in Spanish would be muddy ground.

Masi’s boyfriend and face already known on Twitch is Andalusian and has an accent; spot

Help, for me that has a lot of merit“, Gonu could be heard at the end of the shared clip Manu Sola, journalist at Cadena SER.

Now, can we talk about that? Paula Gonu criticizes the Andalusian of IlloJuan while interspersing anglicisms and terms like ’40K’ people? Can.

It’s okay to criticize a person’s way of expressing himself because he does it in one way or another -as in the case with ElRubius-, but to do it simply because of the Andalusian accent is out of place.

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Twitch has a lot of streamers and content creators that they sometimes broadcast in the amazon platform from all over the world, multiculturalism is what gives meaning to life.

Reminder: the influence could have qualified her words better or having changed them for others, but even if she has said them this way, she does not give anyone carte blanche to insult or harass her.

By now it is clear that Paula Gonu commented on the merit of IlloJuan when speaking in Andalusian because “I’m sure 70% don’t even understand but what will be next?





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