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How to start the Last Dose missions in GTA Online and solutions if they do not activate

Everything you need to know to start the missions of the Last Dose in GTA Online, and the solutions to any errors.

The story of the Los Santos Drug Wars comes to an end with the last dosesome new five missions full of fast-paced action, and also a series of rewards, which you will surely want to obtain.

After finishing the First Dose of Los Santos Drug Warsit comes to an end with this Last dose that you already have available in GTA Online.

The problem is that it seems that there are a lot of players who don’t know exactly how to activate the missions of the Last Dose of gta onlineand this may be due to several factors, and among them is that they have not started the first part of the missions yet.

But there are also problems related to server issues, and so that you can enjoy the Last Dose in GTA Online, we help you start each of the missions.


GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars – Last Dose

How to start the Last Dose missions in GTA Online and solutions if they do not activate

In Last Dose we are going to have to help the Fooligans stay at the top of the food pyramid of prohibited substances in five new missions.

How to start the Last Dose missions

  • If you already passed all the missions of first doseyou simply have to wait for Dax’s call or visit the Geek store to start with the new batch of challenges.
  • If, on the other hand, you haven’t started the First Dose missions yet, you should meet Jakowski at the Ace Liquor Store in Blaine County to get things going with the first six missions.

The Last Dose missions are as follows:

  • Intervention
  • unusual suspects
  • Friedmind
  • detox
  • budonkadonk

How to start the missions of the Last Dose if you have problems

If you’re having trouble activating the Last Dose missions, first confirm that you completely beat the First Dose missions.

If you have already passed the First Dose missions and you still cannot start the Last Dose missions, what you should do is switch to new sessions or reload the game several times.

You must be patient, it is a temporary problem, but you will end up receiving the appropriate call from Dax or the marker for the beginning of the Last Dose missions will appear.

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Rewards for clearing the Last Dose missions

  • Complete the Last Dose Intervention quest to get the Güffy Flower Flip Flops.
  • Restock your Acid Lab and complete a Sell Mission to get the Enema Curl Black Hood.
  • Complete a daily narco floor to receive the Enema Curl Turquoise Hood.
  • Finish all the Last Dose missions to get the Slab Lime Leopard Cap and Canvas Shoes.

So with this you already have all the keys to not miss any of the First Dose and Last Dose missions of this new story for GTA Online.

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