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Crazy New Super Mario 64 Record

The new record speedrun in Super Mario 64 is so ridiculous that many are already wondering if anyone is even going to try to match it, especially since 1-Star’s run has been broken in less than 7 minutes and maybe “kill any motivation to make the category“.

He new record Crazy about Super Mario 64 has as protagonists a star of the game, an advanced player and speedrunner of the title and a lot of patience; remember that it can be played on Nintendo Switch through Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

this user has completed the 1-Star run in less than 7 minutes, making a name for himself in history as the first person in the world to accomplish such a feat.

This has also in turn left many other players wondering if anyone – at some point in history – is going to bother trying to do better.


[WORLD RECORD/FIRST SUB 7!!!] Super Mario 64 1 Star Speedrun in 6:58.35

Super Mario 64 is almost 30 years old and in 2021 it turned 25 along with Nintendo 64, but there are still users competing to see who can reach the credits faster.

This has led speedrunner Suigi -as seen in the video- to set a new world record in the 1-Star category with a time of 6:58.3; the previous record was 7:03.57, which was also Suigi’s.

Many fans and speedrunners have been stunned and elated by the result, but at the same time thoughtful that this ridiculous time will deter others from trying to beat him.

As fast as Sonic and on time at the castle

An absolutely insane run“, said Splax77 in the subreddit of speedrun. “It is not unbeatable, but below 7 was the barrier of the final minute and this is going to kill any motivation in the category“.

User imwaytopunny wrote: “It’s pretty close to being unbeatable [siendo honestos]especially for anyone other than SuigiBut they are not the only ones who think the same…

It’s the first truly wrong WR I’ve seen in Mario 64“, it said Secure_Molasses_8504. “It will be very difficult for someone to find the motivation to try to beat him“.

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And similarly ta2 commented: “People are going to keep competing for a while, but it would take inhuman luck along with perfect execution to get through it this time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this record stands forever“. For these and other reasons we’re going to have to wait and see if Suigi or another player beats him or not.

It is clear that the crazy new speedrun and record in Super Mario 64 It’s going to stay unbeatable for a while, but forever?






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