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Amazon Japan’s gift for pre-ordering Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is most surreal

Amazon Japan is offering as pre-order incentives for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom cutlery with fork and spoon that have both motifs from the game.

He gift of amazon japan to reserve Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is most surreal, although if you look closely it is clear that it is a good complement to regain strength when playing on Nintendo Switch.

Everyone who reserves the company’s new exclusive in Japan through Amazon will receive a spoon as a gift. To this is added a fork for those who get the Collector’s Edition, both with game motifs.

According to Wario64 comments on Twitter, both kitchen utensils have the name “Legend of Zelda” next to the franchise logo engraved on the handle.

As we said, the spoon is a reserve incentive on Amazon Japan for the standard edition, but if you want a spoon and a fork, you must get the Collector’s Edition.

But how do I know? read via IGN, you have to have good luck – and a lot of faith – as this very special edition of the game appears to be out of print and listed in the store as “Currently not available“.

Now it’s time to talk about what all users outside the Japanese country are missing, since only the Japanese are going to be able to get this beautiful set of spoon and fork from Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Maybe an Amiibo will fix it a bit…

According to the outlet, there are stores like GameStop -in America- that offer a wooden plaque for those who buy an edition of the game and in the UK all reservations at My Nintendo Store they will receive a collector’s coin and a luggage tag.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comes to Nintendo Switch on May 12 and is already one of the most anticipated games this yearsince the sequel to Zelda Breath of the Wild continues to fall in love with fans.

And that Nintendo is still not going to stop making new games for Switch, since they still see room for growth such as the graphic improvement of the game that has not gone unnoticed.

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At the moment the DLC is known and it still has a “very very strong” catalog of games, but the pre-order gifts of the new Zelda on Amazon Japan they are crazy…





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