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High on Life promises news soon about its bloody DLC, High on Knife

High on Life, the unexpected Xbox Game Pass success with the disgraced creator of Rick and Morty, will have a bloody DLC soon (or so they imply).

High on Life it was one of the most surprising successes of Xbox Game Pass late last year. A first person shooter full of absurd humor, with a histrionic Justin Roiland who talked nonstop… and who has fallen out of favor due to allegations of mistreatment.

Fortunately, Squash Games will survive without it, and they are already planning new content for High on Life. Today they just released a teaser for “new High on Life content”, called High on Knife.

Without giving more details, this High on Knife seems to be the first expansion or DLC (it is not known if free or paid), with a theme of horror/slasher.

High on Knife seems to be the first DLC for High on Life, and we will know more soon

We say that it is a DLC because everything indicates it, although with the irreverence of this study, cultivating the same type of humor as in the Rick and Morty series, we can expect anything.

However, we already know in advance Squanch Games’ plans to provide High on Life with post-launch content, as they did with their previous game Trover Saves the Universe.

It will be necessary to be attentive to the next movements of Squanch Games to revitalize this title, which broke records on Game Pass as the third party game with the most players… all thanks to word of mouth.

A collaboration that has satisfied both parties, because Squanch Games is already thinking about upcoming games, and whatever they do, they will also come out on Xbox Game Pass.

With upcoming news from new High on Life DLCwe should also know who is the new actor to voice the talking gun in High on Life, after the departure of Justin Roiland from the studio.

and for now, High on Life will continue to be an exclusive Microsofton Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Windows).





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