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Troy Baker "filter" the script of his next game on TikTok and fans are excited about the different possibilities

Troy Baker, a renowned video game actor who has given life to Joel in The Last of Us, is working on a new title and wanted to play a joke on fans by “leaking” the script for it.

Troy Baker is trending again thanks to his appearance in The Last of Us on HBO Max as a cameo. The well-known actor who gave life to Joel in the video game itself It has been James this time, David’s lieutenant, which has generated a few spotlights around him.

As you know, Troy Baker has not only been Joel throughout his career, but he has donned the motion capture suit in quite a few AAA productions. The actor is more than used to the world of videogames.


Trailer of The Last of Us 1×08

We remember that Baker has been Higgs Monahan in Death Stranding or Sam Drake in Uncharted 4, so his presence in a new project always attracts attention; as has the last TikTok that the actor has shared.

The veteran interpreter has “leaked” his script in a new game in which he is participating saying that he was reviewing his next lines to then show that supposed script full of, of course, lines. A bit of humor that some users of the application have not even caught.

What game is it about? Baker was wearing the motion capture suit, so this seems like more than just a joke.


Do the work, actors. Learn your lines.

♬ original sound – Troy Baker

What does Troy Baker work on?

As we say, what does seem clear is that Troy Baker is working on some important project. In which? Well, the truth is that the fans have followed the game after his little joke for TikTok and they have been speculating about the game in which he is participating.

Some claim that it is Zeldaspecifically, Baker is playing Link, due to the absence of dialogues in his script, since the hero never opens his mouth. Others have pointed out that he is going to make Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 3… the joke tells itself.

Although others really think that he is preparing to bring Joel back to life in The Last of Us Part 3, despite the fact that Neil Druckmann has recently explained why The Last of Us 3 is not among Naughty Dog’s next projects.

And be careful, because Troy Baker himself spoke about this. The Joel actor doesn’t know if The Last of Us Part 3 is in development, but he’d be dying to get involved if it is. What would you think of having him again in a supposed new installment?





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