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EA Sports FC, the successor to FIFA, is about to close an exclusive agreement with the English league

Electronic Arts has agreed to pay £488 million to retain its status as Premier League partner and to be the official licensee for video games.

EA Sports FC is going to be the successor to FIFA starting this year, but AE He is finalizing some details. For example, you are about to close a business deal with the company in which you Premier for 488 million pounds.

From Sky News report that the 20 Premier League clubs had a meeting on Friday for the new six-year partnership with EA Sports – valued at some £488 million – is about to close.

A club executive said it would bring in more than £80m a year and thus Electronic Arts would still be the main partner of the league; also retaining its exclusive gaming license.



It is said that this lucrative extension of the deal is worth more than double the existing agreement between both parties, but after the last FIFA 23 and FIFA 22 the next game already breaks the mold with the soccer company.

Sky Sports News understands that it is this commercial strength that has helped convince would-be defectors to considered joining the European Super League in 2021 that the Premier is the most financially solid league in football.

Although it also leaves between the lines why Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus are still so interested in continuing with the European Super League plans.

The FIFA world logo is no longer in the background with EA Sports on the cover

The news of the impending expansion comes months after EA and FIFA broke their ties after 30 years, news that came after a long time of incessant rumors.

EA Sports also plans to name LaLiga from the 2023/2024 season: the creators of FIFA invest in the First and Second Spanish football.

The series of games named after FIFA it will be renamed to the already known EA Sports FCbut the medium talks about that according to a source Premier and EA have been in business since 1998.

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The company listed in New York and with a market value of about 30,000 million dollars, is senior partner of the Premier League since 2016.

From what they say from Sky Sports News, the Premier League has refused to comment on the matter and on the other hand EA has been contacted for it without giving any signs of life yet.

for what is known EA Sports FC as successor to FIFA is about to close an exclusive agreement with the English league.





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