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New blow to piracy: the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment closes two well-known sites in our country

Alianza por la Creatividad y el Entretenimiento has dealt a hard blow to piracy, managing to shut down two important websites with fraudulent content that were operating in Spain.

The piracy it remains one of the biggest problems of the digital age for creators and artists. The theft and commercialization of legitimate material affects a number of disciplines such as music, cinema and, yes, also the video game world.

While it is true that the impact of piracy has been increasingly combated, it still generates many headaches. For this reason, all over the world there have been associations and alliances that strive to put an end to it Or at least stand up.

One of these groups in the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment – ACE), the main union worldwide that fights against piracy and that Today it has announced the closure of two very popular sites in Spain.

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New blow to piracy in Spain

HD-Spain and Pixelados will no longer see the light of day thanks to the action of this group. These two websites had a vast catalog of movies, series and TV shows that generated up to 300,000 visits per month with the majority of web traffic coming from Spain.

Thanks to ACE’s rapidly expanding global network and decisive action against illegal piracy operators, the legal market for creative content has never been so well protected, Jan van Voorn explained.Executive Vice President and Head of Global Content Protection for the Motion Picture Association and Director of ACE.

As we head into 2023, our coalition is better equipped than ever to go after and crack down on pirates threatening the creative economy, indicated the manager in a press release.

ACE is an association that has been fighting against illegal streaming services and unauthorized content sources for a long time while being led by such important companies as Amazon, Apple TV+, Netflix and production companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and Warner Bros..

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Little by little we continue to fight this scourge that, as we say, affects all kinds of media and arts. From time to time we get good news like this or like the one we were able to learn less than a year ago and that benefited the video game industry.

Sevitronic, a company in charge of selling memory cards with pirated games, as well as devices to hack different consoles, was sentenced by the Provincial Court of Seville to 6 months in prison and 8,812 euros in compensation. The fight against piracy continues.





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