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Microsoft would be testing a new controller for Xbox with haptic controls and a touch panel

Microsoft could already be testing a new controller for Xbox consoles. This one would have haptic controls and a touch panel, although at the moment it is a mere rumor.

A new rumor around Microsoft ensures that they have a new test phase command Xbox. This would be with haptic controls -perhaps like the one on PS5- and a touch panel, ensures this information.

For the moment the xbox controllers still the same and working Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles as the company itself recalled in August 2020 during the pandemic.

And although it is being tested, that means that it is a prototype, so its release on Xbox consoles would still be far from seen.


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Microsoft confirmed in summer the shortage of Xbox controllers in stores due to ”supply interruptions“, a problem that most likely they are already solving; or they have corrected it.

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This rumor is given by the last episode during the The Xbox Era podcastwhere Shpeshal Nick mentioned have heard that Microsoft is working internally and testing a new controller for xbox consoles.

Nick mentioned then having received information from a source in the RRSS, but also something like this controller seeing the light of day is going to be a matter of the company itself.

This has served to remind its audience that the Xbox streaming device that had been previously tested was shelved for the time being.

Although a few months ago it was learned that Xbox was canceling Keystone, the streaming-oriented console. Mind you, what price would have had Xbox Keystone? Phil Spencer revealed this and other details about his cancellation.

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Nick mentions in passing that his source has denied any connection between the controller and a patent for a Xbox controller with LCD screen.

It seems that both controllers are being tested for Xbox for different purposes, since this LCD screen would be used as a second screen for local and cloud gaming.

Let’s hope that this new command -if it is being created- does not end canceled as Xbox Keystone since it would be a real pity.

for now and for X|S and One Series consoles It has been Microsoft that anticipated three future Bethesda games that will be exclusive to Xbox; without saying their names.

Now what Microsoft would be testing a new controller for Xbox with haptic controls and a touch panelperhaps Xbox has something innovative in its controls.





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