TikTok explains how the ''For you'' section works and the algorithm system based on your interests

TikTok explains how the ”For you” section works and the algorithm system based on your interests

Don’t know why a specific video is recommended to you on TikTok? With this new tool you will know how the algorithm by which this social network is governed works.

In a world where social networks like Twitter and Instagram mark our day to day, it is not easy to gain a foothold… let alone establish yourself among the elite. It is one of the many achievements he has achieved TikToka relatively recent social network.

TikTok is not a social network only in functions. It is a platform where we can let us know, watch dance videos, share memes and, ultimately, set up our own digital newsletter every day.

The first steps in TikTok are not easy (neither were they for Hobby Consoles), because the search system it uses (based on the feedback algorithm) seems to work randomly… but it’s not like that at all.


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In other words, all the content we see on TikTok is configured in such a way that, little by little, fit our interests. Although, yes, from time to time there is a surprise based on secondary recommendations.

If you’re new to TikTok and don’t know why a certain video appears on your recommendation board, maybe we can clarify it for you in this news about a new function.

The tool that explains how TikTok works

In TikTok we have two very different tabs, beyond the fact that we can search for content in a traditional way through its search bar, as well as users and other accounts.

The tab that you will use the most is called ”For you”which are basically those videos that the platform recommends you watch. And, depending on whether you see them in full or not, it configures the following contents that will jump on the screen.

This algorithm system It’s NOT random, although it may seem so. For example, if you stay to watch the car videos until the end, little by little more videos about motorsports or related ones will appear on your board.


The TikTok Support Team work on a new role which is currently in beta phase. Thanks to this tool we can know why certain content appears to us.

To use this tool (it is not yet available for all devices), you must go to the ”For you” tab and then click the share button on any post to appear.

Doing so will open a drop-down menu where we can select how to share a TikTok (copy link, select a contact on TikTok, or send via another social network).


You will see that there is a question mark icon where you can read ”Why this video?”. This is a new TikTok feature that explains why this content is recommended to you and, therefore, why it jumped out to you.

There are many reasons why a certain video appears on your board. This tool indicates, for example, that one of your followers or friends has shared that TikTokAlthough it could also be due to other factors.

For example, a TikTok can be very popular in Spain, and that is why it has jumped you. This explains why we often see videos that have already appeared to our friends, and vice versa.

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This feature is currently in beta, and the TikTok team is phasing it in. That is why some users can already use it, and others still do not see it.

Do you have TikTok on your mobile device? If so, you should know that you can show your lack of interest in certain content, and in this way the TikTok algorithm will stop recommending that type of content.





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