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Ubisoft launches the Fair Play program for its gaming platforms, with the aim of curbing toxicity and raising awareness among players

The Fair Play program comes to Ubisoft Connect to raise awareness among players about the harmful effects of toxicity in online gaming, thus promoting a healthy community for all.

Itches are normal when we play online with friends or other players… but never cross that line. Falling for insults or promoting currents of hate are deplorable attitudes that, unfortunately, are increasingly common on PC and consoles.

Ubisoft wants to change this, which is why they have announced a new initiative for the Ubisoft Connect platform. For it it is necessary that the players themselves realize their mistakes.

This is how the program was born Ubisoft Fair Playa learning tool that has five capsules and whose beta is now available in English for all Ubisoft Connect members.


Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Shadow Legacy Trailer

The Fair Play program is the second step of the French company in this area, after the “Zero Harm in Comms” campaign promoted together with Riot Games (League of Legends). Ubisoft seeks to change the toxic behaviors of the gaming community with these two movements.

Ubisoft Fair Play has been designed to make the players themselves understand what they should not do when playing onlineregardless of whether they win or lose games.

The keys to Fair Play

With the Fair Play program, Ubisoft seeks promote a healthy and open community for allrejecting any toxic and hostile behavior between players around the world.

All Ubisoft Connect members now You can access the Fair Play beta, currently only available in English. And even games like Rainbow Six Siege already have their own platform connected to Fair Play.

This beta version includes five self-study capsules for gamersin the form of statistics on toxicity in online gaming, different explanations and even a self-study test on the subject.

rainbow six siege

Conflicting behavior in games is a topic that we take very seriously, and we think it should be addressed from multiple points of view. We believe that positive gaming education and promotion are critical to inducing a positive change in the player experience.”, says Jérémy Marchadier, director of safe gaming at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft strongly believes that Fair Play can help the online gaming community, and will be incorporating the initiative into other of its games in the near future.

In the case of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has announced the Rainbow Six Reputation Score platform. It consists of a section of the multiplayer FPS where each player can earn points with their actions.

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anger with computeranger with computer

Rainbow Six Reputation Score is connected to both Ubisoft Connect and Fair Play, so players can understand which attitudes are rewarded in the game and which are not.

Do you consider yourself a respectful gamer in the online multiplayer scene? Of course we are not talking about piques or even occasional jokes, but about avoid insulting, hating or harassing players for the mere fact of losing a game, to cite an example.





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