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New Like a Dragon: Ishin trailer detailing the different combat styles and mechanics

RGG Studio reveals the keys to the combat system in Like a Dragon Ishin, a new version of the Yakuza spin-off that will arrive on PlayStation, Xbox and PC in February.

the saga Yakuza faces a new era in the West and also in his native Japan. It is something that we can notice from the same name change (from now on it will be called Like a Dragon), and that is not to mention the new development-release policy at RGG Studio.

The Sega studio (no longer Toshihiro Nagoshi) is working on the eighth installment of the sagawhich will star again the charismatic Ichiban Kasuga (Yakuza Like a Dragon).

But there the thing does not stop. The iconic Kazuma Kiryu, who starred in every installment until Yakuza 6, will have his own spin-off in 2023: Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Erased His Name.


Like a Dragon Ishin! – Combat Trailer

And finally, RGG Studio prepares the debut of Yakuza Ishin (spin-off that never left Japan) in the West… in the form of a remake for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. This is Like a Dragon: Ishin.

Like a Dragon Ishin faces its release for the February 21, 2023and today we have seen a new trailer focused on the combat system and fighting styles.

Combat mastery is vital

Those of you who played the original Yakuza Ishin will know the fighting mechanics of the game very well. RGG Studio has not separated excessively from the base formula, although in Like a Dragon Ishin we will have some news.

In the new trailer We can see How do the fights take place?who are committed to historical rigor and spectacularity in equal parts.

In Like a Dragon Ishin we have four combat styles: Swordsman, Gunman, Wild Dancer and Brawler. Each of them will have exclusive combos and advantages over the rest.

Like a Dragon Ishin demo Tokyo Game Show

The idea is that the player has to become familiar with each style. Each enemy will have its predominant style and at the same time its weaknesses, which we can take advantage of.

Nor should we forget that Like a Dragon Ishin is set in a period in which firearms coexist with bladed weapons (swords, katanas…). We will have to measure ourselves against enemies that will attack us from a distance with pistols, for example.

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The left part of the HUD reflects each combat style (by colors)so that at all times we can alternate and use these changes in our favor.

Like a Dragon Ishin hits stores on February 21, 2023, available at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Did you know that this Yakuza game will come with voices in Japanese? Indeed, it has not been dubbed into English for historical reasons.





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