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James Gunn Confirms Plans To Release Games Connected To The DC Cinematic Universe And Divides Fans

Film director James Gunn has confirmed that he has plans to release games connected to the DC cinematic universe, but that has divided fans who already expect or anticipate their hopes.

the filmmaker James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad) confirms that it will release games connected to the DC movie universealthough that has left divisions in the fans.

The director and producer were asked if he planned to create more DC characters in the strings to add them to the history of the DC Extended Universe.

to which the movie creator at DC and Marvel has answered without hesitation: “Yes, definitely, the DCU is going to be connected through movies and TV (and animated series).“.

But of course, since they had thrown his tongue a bit, they had to know that there were also plans for the games were connected to this DC Extended Universe in the movies.

To which Gunn responded with a plain and simple “Yes“. Now, how could this divide the users of movies and games based on DC Comics creations?

The DC Universe all connected? can be studied

This has generated disparate opinions, because on the one hand there are users who see it well and without half measures; those to whom everything James Gunn touches they are going to enjoy it.

But then there are those who have order Don’t look at other examples like Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man and Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham.

Shouldn’t DC games have their own identity with game studios having full creative control? […] Not everything needs to be connected“.

Although another answered him in the answers that they could “keep Rocksteady with their Arkhamverse and use other studios like WB. Games Montreal to make connected DCU games“.

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This justifies it by adding that it would be a good way to introduce some characters that unfortunately would not be a great success at the box office.

There are others who just don’t think it’s a good idea because “Not everyone can afford multiple video games just to understand the DCU timeline.“.

Meanwhile, there are tips: “Be careful, take note of why PS4’s Arkham and Spider-Man are praised for it. They are original. They are NOT restricted to ANYTHING that revolves around their movies“.

Gunn is coming off the premiere Guardians of the Galaxy: Happy Holidays Special with the Christmas special in DC.

James Gunn Divides With Connected Games In The DC Cinematic Universewhat do you think?





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