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Frustrated Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Players Are Asking for Refunds, Even Though It Doesn’t Always Work Out

There are already Pokémon Scarlet and Purple players who are requesting and receiving refunds for the Nintendo Switch exclusive, others, however, do not receive the desired response. What is clear is that many have already put an end to Paldea.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple were released for switches a week ago and although Nintendo already talks about a patch with Game Freakmany players have started to ask refunds.

Since the first weekend of the game there have already been clips with the game’s errors, some that are still going on today and others that are minor or have not been seen more times until now.

Although all this has not clouded its success and the game has sold 10 million copies in three days, sweeping Japan by surpassing Splatoon 3 in its first week on the charts.


Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Analysis

But although the 9th generation pokemon sweep sales and praise for the creatures, there are those who take seriously the bugs, glitches and technical problems in its open world for game performance.

apparently and according to read through Nintendo Life, some players have had enough of this (along with the game freak silence) and have started requesting refunds for the game.

According to other VGC article, these same users are having “various answers“when asking to be get your money back via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Neither starters nor legendary are enough in Purple and Scarlet

But that does not divert our attention to the success of so many others, apparently there are people who are able to return their game and thus get their money back.

this thread of Reddit exploded shortly after the new pokemon gamesthere you can read a frustrated and disgruntled user who asked for a refund on eShop.

Got my refund from the eShop last night for Purple after feeling the game wasn’t in an acceptable AAA release. The representative told me that given the situation with the issue he would raise my case to ensure it was approved…he did it an hour later“.

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Then follow with: “The fact that this person knew about the problems you were talking about means that they are gaining attention. This is one of the few things Nintendo/GF is going to have to admit.“.

Other players through the RRSS recommended doing the same, some even recommending to see before “notes on the web” to find out more about Nintendo games in the future.

The negative part for many is that there are those who have not been so lucky. Depending on the region you are requesting from, it seems that many services are denying requests for a digital refund.

This is the case of the Twitter account @Skeffi__, which has received a written message from the Contact Team at Nintendo Central Europe:

We are very sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with Pokémon Purple. We know this isn’t going to answer the question you’re looking for, but for various reasons we can’t refund content purchased from Nintendo eShop.

We try to make everything clear before the purchase, both in the agreement of terms that you accepted and on the screen before doing everything…“.

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How are you living your Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple adventure on Nintendo Switch?





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