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Toyz, a Pro LoL world champion in 2012, will go to jail for drug trafficking

From Worlds champion to being sentenced to jail. The story of Toyz, a well-known League of Legends midlaner who triumphed in 2012, has taken a radical turn.

The world of esports continues to grow in relevance. More and more players closely follow the competitions of League of LegendsValorant, Counter Strike and many more titles. There is more and more infrastructure in esports.

For this reason, many closely follow the already established legends that competitions have left us over the years. Especially in League of Legends, there are many retired professional players who have left us with quite a few headlines.

After the victory of XRD in these past Worlds, today we have had to meet a Truly unexpected news that touches squarely with the competitive environment of Riot Games’ MOBA. The veteran followers of the game surely remember the protagonist of this news.

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Kurtis ‘Toyz’ Lauwho was he Taipei Assassins midlanerteam that was proclaimed world champion in 2012, and renowned retired professional player of LoL has been sentenced to 4 years and 2 months in prison in Taiwan for drug traffickingin his case, marijuana.

As this article relates, Toyz has been sentenced to be guilty of six crimes in total, 4 counts of second degree drug trafficking and 2 counts of attempted drug trafficking. Undoubtedly, an unexpected twist in the fame of this former player.

For a long time, Toyz was considered one of the best midlaners in the world and under this role he came to dominate champions all types. Orianna was her star pick and even has a skin of this champion who honors the victory of Taipei Assassins in those World Cups LOL.

The player had a mostly successful career. After his retirement he went on to assume a role in the management of esports teams. Finally, he ended up permanently retiring from the competitive scene in 2019. Now we see that his life has turned upside down.

There is still work to be done in League of Legends

This 2022 we have had some very interesting news starring LoL players, although they all have a common link: the toxicity that still lingers in League of Legends.

A few months ago, Faker and T1 were suing fans of the game for their hateful comments. On the other hand, Biofrost declared himself homosexual and offered an enlightening testimony about homophobia in eSports.

It is clear that electronic sports continue to advance and more and more people are joining an exciting world that still has a lot to learn. Do you consume competitive League of Legends?

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