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The new God of War Ragnarok memes created by the studio are brutal, do you recognize them all?

Santa Monica shares a series of official God of War Ragnarok memes on GIPHY through its official profile. Can you recognize all of them?

The launch of God of War Ragnarok has made history, both in the video game industry itself and within Sony PlayStation. Not for nothing we are before the best launch of a PlayStation title in all history, with 5.1 million copies sold.

And that only two weeks have passed since its arrival in stores. God of War Ragnarok It has already begun to reap GOTY awards (the first of them at the Titanium Awards), waiting for what happens next December 8 at The Game Awards.

I’m sure you’re having a great time with Kratos and Atreus’ journey through the Nine Realms. But you also have to take time to have fun, right?


God of War Ragnarok -ANALYSIS ON PS5

They must have thought of that in Sony Santa Monica, the studio responsible for the entire God of War saga. Of course, we cannot rule out that Castlevania returns from the hand of Eric Williams (Konami, make it possible).

Kratos is a very serious guy, but It also has its hilarious moments.… just like Atreus, Freya, Tyr, Thor or even a cute wolf.

GIFs to celebrate the success of God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok

Santa Monica has shared a series of official game memes and GIFs from PS5 and PS4 through the portal GIPHY. In case you’re wondering, these are memes created by the studio itself with the God of War Ragnarok engine.

It is common for players and fans to make their own homemade memes, but in this case we are talking about an official selection of enormous quality.

If you are playing God of War Ragnarok, you will surely recognize most of them, since they modify what really happens in these scenes. Best of all, they’re inspired by legendary Internet memes..

Here we leave you a few:

For example, we have a winking GIF for Freya… which, if you think about it, is a reference to the mythical Scarlet Witch and Vision meme (although there are fans who claim that it is even older).

In another of these memes, Atreus intones a ”More”, in what is a great reference to the Kylo Ren meme. Another example is the fanning GIF, which is based on an iconic James McAvoy GIF.

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The same goes for the ”heart of Kratos”, or the mythical Calm and Reasonablewhich in this case stars Thor, God of Thunder in this new adventure from Sony Santa Monica.

Now it’s your turn: don’t hesitate to use these memes and GIFs to give the networks some life, or perhaps to liven up those chats via WhatsApp and break the monotony. God of War Ragnarok is well worth it.





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