Suda51 Reacts In Disbelief To Rumor That He Is Making An Alien Game

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Suda51, the creator of No More Heroes at Grasshopper Manufacture, responds with disbelief to the rumor that he is making a game in the Alien franchise. Actually, the next single player Alien game isn’t really a rumor, and we’ve known who’s been doing it since the summer.

Goichi Suda, better known as sweat51the peculiar developer of Grassohopper Manufacturewho is behind the No More Heroes games, has reacted to the recent rumor that he was in charge of a new game… in the franchise alien.

Of course, bad news for his fans (or good), because from his reaction it seems clear that this news has caught him as much by surprise as it has us, and there is no truth behind it.

sweat51 responded with ????? to a tweet from the 80 Level site that echoed the news (which we also told you about yesterday).

We have attached a screenshot of the tweet, as the original 80 Level tweet was deleted.

suda51 tweet

Who is behind the rumored new Alien game?

This rumor started when Insider Gaming (Tom Henderson) said that, according to his sources, a new AAA Alien and survival horror game will be coming out on current-gen consoles in winter 2023.

I didn’t know the developer, but later he said… that it was Grasshopper Manufactureaccording to their sources.

In fact, Henderson’s “exclusive” completely missed that A new single player Alien game has already been announced! Even 20th Century Studios itself echoed it last summer.


No date or platforms were said, but it was said that it is a single player action horror gamefor PC, consoles, and also virtual reality.

It is doing Survios, which is a studio specialized until now in VR games, such as those based on Creed. So far, they haven’t made any games that can be considered AAA, but you never know…

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It is true that this single player game by Survios could be a different project from the “mysterious” single player game that Henderson said… but since in their news they did not mention at any time the existence of the title of Surviosas if they didn’t know it existed, we wouldn’t bet on it.

Henderson also said that “the Alien Isolation sequel could be either in development or in ‘pitch’” (presenting itself to Sega and/or Disney), but we advise not to trust too much such meager rumors…and focus on the facts we already know.

and there are reasons real to have hype: in addition to this Survios game, a tactical game, Aliens Dark Descent, will be released next year while production begins on the new film in the saga in parallel to the Hulu series, and which Fede Álvarez will direct , director of Don’t Breathe.

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