New live action trailer for The Callisto Protocol, which makes us dream of a future Alien-style movie

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The Callisto Protocol masquerades as a sci-fi horror movie with this spooky live-action trailer starring Josh Duhamel.

Very soon we will have to live a new horror adventure in space. Yes, we know that the Dead Space remake is coming in January, but it will land before The Callisto Protocolthe new title from Striking Distance Studios directed by Glen Schofield.

It will be on December 2 when Jacob Lee leaves his cell in the maximum security prison Black Iron, located on the moon of Jupiter (Callisto) and threatened by the terrifying biophagous.

It all sounds like Dead Space, but the truth is that The Callisto Protocol will have its own personality when it comes to PlayStation, Xbox and PC. We really want to live this adventure on the dead moon of Callisto.


The Callisto Protocol – Live Action Trailer

You already know that The Callisto Protocol stars Jacob Lee, played by actor Josh Duhamel (Transformers)which now shows its real appearance in a new gameplay trailer.

Will we see a movie of The Callisto Protocol in the future? It remains to be seen how the Striking Distance Studios game plays out, but judging by this new trailerWe think it would be a blockbuster.

The Callisto Protocol ”live”

Striking Distance Studios has shared a new trailer for The Callisto Protocol, this time betting on the live action format (real image) that we already saw in titles like The Medium.

In this way, it is Josh Duhamel himself (who has lent his image to the video game) who stars in this fragment. We can even see him face to face with a biophagouswhich are the fearsome creatures that threaten our integrity in The Callisto Protocol.

Everything gives off an air of a science fiction and horror blockbuster, although with that B-series soul that we liked so much in movies like Alien or The Thing. It’s a delightful trailer.

The Callisto Protocol

Jacob Lee will have to survive the frozen wastelands of Callisto, but also in the underground tunnels of Black Iron and other settings. The trailer ends with our protagonist being attacked by hordes of biophagous.

Which, by the way, the season pass of the game will include a horde mode of these characteristics. are also added new animations of death and gore to mansalvaso keep that in mind when choosing which edition to buy.

We played The Callisto Protocol and experienced the terror on Jupiter’s dead moon

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol

If you’ve been left wanting more, and can’t wait for December 2, yesterday we revealed new environmental and visual details of The Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol hits stores on December 2nd, available simultaneously at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Will Dead Space Remake win the battle against its distant cousin? We will know in the next two months.

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