Game Freak is working on a patch to fix performance issues for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, but don’t expect it any time soon

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Nintendo is aware of the performance issues in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, but the fixes will take “several weeks” to be implemented.

The rage for Pokémon Spain, known worldwide (and officially) as Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, is total. Not only have they become the most successful releases in Nintendo’s history, but they are on their way to pulverizing the sales records of the saga.

Many of you are really enjoying the adventure in Paldea, and you are even wondering what order you should follow to complete the main quest.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is one of the great exclusives of Nintendo Switch in this 2022 (and that we have not had a few), although we must also recognize the “less good”.


Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Analysis

In its first days for sale, some players have complained about performance issuessuch as fps scratches (especially on the back of Miraidon and Koraidon) and some of the most peculiar visual bugs.

Are there solutions in sight? The truth is that yes, but from Game Freak they ask for patience and we may have to wait several weeks until the release of the long-awaited patch.

When is the patch for Scarlet and Purple released?

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple hit stores on November 18. In their early days, it is undeniable that both games feature performance issues and certain technical bugs.

It is certain that they will be fixed with a future patch. Two days ago, Game Freak confirmed that they were aware of the game’s performance issues, and some players even claimed their money for the irregular state of the title.

Although they did not give specific details, yes they did throw a piece of information about when this patch will be released (which could rather be several and thus cover all the problems of Scarlet and Purple), as collected Dot Esports.

Pokemon Purple and Scarlet

According to Game Freak, the solutions for the current problems of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple could take ”several weeks” to be available. Perhaps it is intended to agglutinate all the fixes in a single patch, which will still take a while to be released.

In addition to the aforementioned performance issues, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple have some ”loopholes” that players are taking advantage of to clone Pokemon or force shiny Pokemon to appear.

9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Pokémon Scarlet And Purple

pokemon scarlet and purple tipspokemon scarlet and purple tips

If you want to take advantage of these cheats, we recommend that you do so now, as the next patch for both games will almost certainly remove these exploits.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple are available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Did you know that two Pokémon have already been banned from competitive mode? In this article you can know the identity of both Pokémon, in case you are curious.

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