Batman VR? That seems to be the game being developed by the creators of Iron-Man VR, according to a report

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The creators of Iron-Man VR would be moving on to DC with their next project if we consider a recent revealed report. The company would be creating a supposed Batman VR.

While the virtual reality It continues to add features and improve its technology, more and more games are being announced. One of the most prominent in recent months was Marvel’s Iron-Man VR, a unique experience for fans of Tony Stark.

The game has become a trend again, since after launching on PS VR has also made it to Meta Quest 2 and the response of the controls has improved considerably, making the flight experience much more immersive.

Well, after the launch on this new VR platform, the creators of the game, the studio Camouflaj could have started the development of a new gamealso superheroes and one equally well-known.

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From Iron-Man VR to Batman VR

As reported by the court documents of the US Federal Trade Commission, which have been detected by Janko Roettgers, this developer would be working on a play of Batman VR for Meta Quest VR.

The report mentions Batman as a character and despite the fact that Camouflaj and Meta have not spoken, there are already many fans who see this project as more than viable. Of course, since it is not official information, we will have to be cautious with this matter.

What would you think of the news? The vast majority of superhero games haven’t explored the VR format too much yet, but Iron Man VR it was a warm surprise. You could feel like you were flying in the suit.

Everything has to be said Batman has already had an experience for these devices. Batman Arkham VR arrived in 2016 as one of the first batches for PlayStation VR. What would you like to see if the project is finally confirmed?

If you want to know what we think about Marvel’s Iron-Man VR, don’t hesitate to take a look at the analysis of Tony Stark’s virtual reality game, which we value as follows at the time and which has helped it to be one of the best games of virtual reality of 2022, according to the writing of HobbyConsolas:

A very commendable representation of Iron Man and his universe, which will make you feel like flying heroes. Control is a bit of a pain in the ass at times, but it’s worth it.

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