Star Wars Squadrons FREE this week for PC via the Epic Store

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Star Wars Squadrons is this week’s free game on PC: redeem it on the Epic Games Store and keep it forever; and next week’s games are announced. Next week, starting December 1, they’re giving away RPG in a Box and Fort Triumph.

The last ship game of Star Wars for computer can be yours this week totally free. Epic Games Store give away this week Star Wars Squadronsjust two years after its release.

Redeem it now from Epic Games Store and you will keep it free forever. You just have to log in with your account and hit Getto “buy” it for only 0 euros.

Yes, you must do it before next Thursday, December 1, at 17:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time). Its usual price is €39.99.


Star Wars Squadrons Analysis

Star Wars Squadrons, the work of Motive Studio (now creators of Dead Space remake and the next Iron Man game), Squadrons is much more than a “spin-off” of Battlefront. It features a story mode and a multiplayer mode, featuring spaceship battles between the Rebels and the Empire.

pilot X-wingsY-Wing and all kinds of tie fighters in first person, in this spectacular action game, which came out in October 2020… and now it’s been released for free on PC through the Epic Store.

Epic Games Store Free Games Next Week (December 1-8)

Epic Games Store free games

Epic Games has also announced the two free games that they are giving away next week. Are fort triumph Y RPG in a Box.

fort triumph is a strategy game in the XCOM style, mixed with the exploration of worlds of HOMM. Build towns, find artifacts, upgrade your heroes, and modify the tactical environment using the game’s physics system.

RPG in a Box it’s not so much a game, but a tool to develop your own games or interactive experiences, easily and simply. It has a very accessible interface, with a multitude of options for programming and modeling, compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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How to download free games from the Epic Games Store

get the free games from epic games store It is very simple. To do this, enter the online store through the website of Epic Games Storelog in, go down to the free games section, and there buy them normally (costing 0 euros).

Remember that once you claim them, you keep them forever. You can download and delete them whenever you want, it’s as if you had bought them. Of course, you must claim them within a week: every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Spanish time, the games that are offered for free change.

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