Sony estimates that PlayStation 6 will not arrive before 2028, according to its latest statements presented to the CMA

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Sony PlayStation has commented on PlayStation 6 in a statement made to the CMA in the case of Activision Blizzard’s purchase by Microsoft. The next console won’t arrive before 2028, enough time for its production problems to be fixed, right?

In all this mess of buying by Microsoft, sony has commented on PS6 and its future, although the console will not arrive before 2028. Of course, the problems of PS5 still persist and it is one of the ones that has taken the longest to reach 2 million in sales in Japan.

In the documents where Sony has been given the opportunity to offer its point of view on the acquisition process by Activision Blizzardthe playstation company He has left several statements.

This can be read in one of the sections written by Sony where “agree with the conclusions of the decision […] the transaction will harm competition, industry players, innovation and consumers“.

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In the fucking 16 where it is specified that Microsoft is going to continue offering franchises like Call of Duty in playstation consolesThe company of PS4 and PS5 comments 3 points: Parity, Multiple Subscription Services and Duration.

It is in this third and last point where one can read: “Microsoft has offered to keep making Activision Blizzard games available on PlayStation only until 2027.“.

Although they said that Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty “would not be profitable” for Microsoft and that these titles will continue to come out on PlayStation and Nintendo, that speech has been diluted a bit depending on what terms.

PlayStation, Xbox and Activision Blizzard: a difficult love triangle

Likewise“, continued Sony, “In public comments on October 26, Microsoft said it plans to offer Call of Duty on PlayStation only ‘as long as it makes sense’“.

This is said so because Phil Spencer will launch the next Call of Duty on Sony consoles “as long as there’s a PlayStation to launch them on.”

Comments follow: “A period until 2027 – or some other (perhaps shorter) time frame that Microsoft unilaterally determines “makes sense” to them – is highly inappropriate.

By the time SIE releases the next generation of its PlayStation console (which will likely be around REDACTED), it would have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision titles.

This would make it extremely vulnerable to a change of consumer and the consequent degradation of its competitiveness.“, they comment.

Although the part of the year is covered, the fact that Comment 2027 and join it to PS6 enough to think of the year 2028 as PS5 successor.

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