Sonic Frontiers could have been a true open world, according to removed content that has been found

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Leaked Sonic Frontiers files suggest that Sega considered making the game a single open world, rather than splitting it up into multiple islands.

sonic frontiers is the game that finally modernizes the gameplay of Sonic as an open world title… or as Sega calls it, “open zone.” It’s actually made up of five open islands that we can explore and are full of challenges… but originally, it could have been a single map.

That suggests this content has been found in the Sonic Frontiers archives by youtuber ĐeäTh (via Nintendo Life).

This user has found in the game files (specifically, the switch version) a much larger version of the island of Kronos. In fact, it includes the entire map of Kronos, Reha, and Ouranos, unified into a single landmass.


55 minutes of unused sonic frontiers map footage #sonicfrontiers #cutcontent #sonic

Could Sonic Frontiers have been a single huge map?

In this video of 55 minutes, explore all this terrain that was not used in the original game, or rather, it was converted into three different islands. The video is recorded on PC, using a Switch emulator, as Sega only “forgot” about these files in the Nintendo version.

What we see leaves us wondering if this unified map was the way Sega originally worked… or if they really considered making a single map instead of dividing the game into five islands.

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On the one hand, the fact of having a single map, an open world like Zelda Breath of the Wild or Elden Ring, sounds very exciting… but perhaps they thought that players would get tired of always exploring the same area, and divide it into several smaller, more manageable “mini-worlds” would be better.

What would you have preferred? Sonic Frontiers, of course, has turned out to be a controversial game… but in general, the fans are quite happy with what Team Sonic has put together, which will become the model they follow for the next ten or fifteen years of Sonic’s games.

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