Nintendo Switch in 4K with Photofast 4K Gamer Pro

Nintendo Switch in 4K with Photofast 4K Gamer Pro

The new image scaler is called Photofast 4K Gamer Pro and it allows you to enjoy Switch in 4K resolution. Is it worth all that it costs? We tested it.

Several years have passed since its launch, but Nintendo Switch continues to give us great games like the first day. Of course, there is no doubt that, on a technical level, it lags behind more recent consoles and, for example, cannot display images in 4K. That has a solution with Photofast 4K Gamer Proa new device for scale and enhance image.

As you can see in the video above, the method to use it is very simple: just connect it to an HDMI port (directly or through the included extender), plug it into the current and also take the image via HDMI to our TV through the output port.

Its central button allows disable its scaling, use it at 25%, 50% or 100%, according to the number of times we press. In addition to scale image from 1080p (it doesn’t support 720p, understandably) up to 4K, apply some filters that enhance sharpening or color.

It is designed to be used with Switchbut it is also compatible with other consoles such as PS4, Wii U or even Chromecast, in addition to other adapters that improve the image, such as Retrotink 5X Pro.

Nintendo Switch LiteNintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo’s portable console has a unique catalog of exclusive games, matched only by its older sister. In this case, it is available in four different colors, including coral or pink.

Buy it at the best price

Above we show you some tests and we give you our impressions and, although it is true that it sharpens the image a bit (without any lag, a great advantage compared to other similar devices), It seems an excessive price for the result it gives, well, between the purchase and the shipping costs, it can cost you around 200 euros.

In this sense, it may be more useful for you to get the veteran mClassic (which we already analyzed a couple of years ago), which is much cheaper and gives a most satisfactory result.

What do you think Photofast 4K Gamer Pro? Would you get one of these? image scalers? And with what consoles would you use it? We are interested in your opinion!

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