Need for Speed ​​apologizes for having "crossed the line" on Twitter by hesitating a follower

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The Need for Speed ​​Twitter account apologizes for “crossing the line” on Twitter by teasing a fan unhappy with the policies of the new game, NfS Unbound.

The next need for speed game It’s coming out in two weeks, but yesterday it made headlines not because of that… but because the Community Manager of @NeedforSpeedthe official profile on Twitter, went too far in the responses to a user.

We admit we’ve gotten a bit over the top with the excitement of the new game, and some of our recent social media responses have crossed the line. We apologize to the fans that we have upset. We will do better. See you next week“.

Chronicle of the hesitation of Need for Speed ​​to Kylo Ren

The Need for Speed ​​account shared the latest gameplay trailer for the game, saying “you asked for it, and we listened,” in reference to fans wanting a longer trailer for the game (coming out on December 2).

User @KyloZen0 replied “what did you think we were asking for, paying more to get three days early access?”. The NfS account responded that the tweet was referring to the trailer… and it already began with bad manners, “that reading is essential.”

Need for Speed ​​and Kylo Zen got into a fight where NfS called him a “milkshake brain”, something like “plover brainwhich ended with Kylo saying that they had lost a customer.

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Kylo was referring to a more expensive edition, Palace Edition, which among other improvements allows you to start the game three days earlier. Kylo’s ways weren’t good, because It is sometimes forgotten that behind corporate accounts, such as Need for Speed, there are real people.…but the NfS CM’s response raised the disrespectful tone beyond what is admissible.

Remember that Need for Speed ​​Unbound comes out on December 2 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. And if it Bookingsyou’ll be able to get your hands on exclusive content such as wrapper skins, sticker skins, driving effects, and $150,000 in in-game funds (in addition to those three days of early access if you purchase the Palace Edition).

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