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Blade The Edge of Darkness, the mythical "Spanish Dark Souls"announces its release on Nintendo Switch

Before the word “soulslike” even existed, there were brave enough to venture into the realm of hard fantasy action games. Blade of Darkness was one of them and now it returns to Nintendo Switch for all those who want a good challenge.

Demon’s Souls It was the game that gave rise to what we now consider one of the most mainstream genres: soulslike. Despite the fact that it was somewhat niche for a long time, the saga opened up. Although there were those who proposed similar things before, such as Blade The Edge of Darkness.

Many have called it the “Dark Souls” Spanishsince it was made by the Spanish developer Rebel Act Studiosbut the truth is that this game came long before FromSoftware’s most famous titles, since it was released in 2001.

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Its release was not as expected, despite the fact that in many respects, Blade The Edge of Darkness is considered a great step forward. Gameplay, high-quality graphics with real-time lighting, destructible environments…

The game meant the commercial failure of Rebel Act Studios and the subsequent bankruptcy of the studio that split into two well-known names (MercurySteam and Digital Legends). All this made Blade The Edge of Darkness become a cult game.

A year ago we received a remastering on PC and today it has been revealed that the same remastering of Blade The Edge of Darkness also launches on Nintendo Switch via eShop by the publisher QubicGames. It is now available! Here you have the trailer:


Blade of Darkness – Trailer Nintendo Switch

The reason why it bears many similarities with Dark Souls is its dark setting, the difficulty of its combats, and its possibilities within the action/adventure genre with four playable characters such as Tukaram, the barbarian, Naglfar, the Dwarf, Sargon, the Knight and Zoe, the Amazon.

We leave you the official synopsis: A shadowy new threat looms over the Central Kingdoms. The borders protected by the King’s fierce Knights are no longer secure. Fearsome clans of orcs, more numerous than ever, lurk on every path.

Chaos takes over the world. Only the memory of the oldest remembers the exploits of a hero and some warriors, who in other times fought against the forces of Chaos. A new hero is needed, a chosen one who is worthy to wield the Sword and destroy the enemy… this time forever.

If you want to know this game in more depth, do not hesitate to take a look at the anecdotes of José Raluy, one of the developers of the original Blade: The Edge of Darkness about one of the great games in the history of video games in Spain.





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