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All the solutions to the challenges of week 10 of Fortnite season 4 of Chapter 3

We have some interesting challenges in this last week of Season 4 such as using a directional launcher in certain locations, evolving evochrome weapons, staying in a chrome state for a large amount of time, among others.

We have reached week 10 of Fortnitethe last week of Fortnite season 4 before the premiere of the new chapter in a few days, and we are facing the last opportunity to get that experience that we need to upload the battle pass and get the relevant rewards.

As has been customary in Fortnite season 4we have some challenges of the Battle Royale of Epic Games quite direct and simple, where we are going to have to take advantage of the evochromed weapons.

This week 10 of Fortnite’s battle royale We at Epic Games have featured challenges like using a directional launcher in certain locations, evolving evochrome weapons, or staying in a chrome state for a long amount of time, and we give you the solutions.

Next you have the solution to all the challenges of week 10 of Fortnite season 4 so you can say goodbye to the season in the best way.


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All the solutions to the challenges of week 10 of Fortnite season 4 of Chapter 3

This is the solution to the challenges of week 10:

Deal damage to opponents with an Evolved Evochrome Weapon (150)

We must find naturally evoked weapons in games, such as the evoked shotgun or the evoked burst assault rifle, which are found in chests or as normal loot, and use them.

Once in our possession, we must deal damage to the different adversaries for them to evolve, and when they are evolved, deal 150 damage points to complete the rest. It is recommended to do it in a team fray.

Use a directional launcher on Gleaming Ruins or Hanging Condo

We must go to locations such as Hanging Condominium or Gleaming Ruins, which are already marked on the map, and use some of the directional launchers that we have scattered in those areas. We should only use one in any of these locations.

Evolve evoked weapons twice in a single match

It will be completed naturally if we do the first challenge that we have exposed, where we basically have to evolve an evochromed weapon twice, and this is done by dealing damage or eliminating enemies with it. Recommended in team fights.

Destroy Barrels of Sorbet (10)

There are many areas of the map where we can find sorbet barrels. If you want to complete it quickly, locate that small ship that appears randomly at the beginning of the game, land on it, and destroy its barrels of sorbet since it has more than 20.


Stay in a chrome state for a total of 180 seconds in a single match

To be in the chrome state for so long we are going to need to first find the so-called chrome grenades that are located as normal loot in the games. Then we have to use them against ourselves to enter the chrome state, and since each of them gives us an effect for 45 seconds, we must use five to complete this challenge.

Search a chest in Lustrous Lagoon and in Rogue Cavern

We go to Lustrous Lagoon and also to Rogue Cavern, and open any chest that we find. Remember to visit the two locations that are already marked on the map.

Eliminate players with a Cobra Designated Sniper Rifle (2)

Better by team fight. Locate the Cobra Designated Marksman Rifle at the start of the game, then take out two players with it when the battle circle closes.

Each solved challenge will give us 20,000 experience points, which will be great for us to upload the battle pass.

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