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Where to find Tyr (again) in God of War Ragnarok

WARNING, THIS GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS for God of War Ragnarok. We tell you where you can find Tyr in each of the new kingdoms after a certain moment in the game’s plot.

At a certain point in the history of God of War Ragnarok one of the big bombshells and surprises of the plot will be revealed. We won’t go into those details to avoid gutting anything, so we’ll just say it has to do with Tyr.

After having rescued the imprisoned god in the early stages of the game, something will happen that completely changes the character. So far everything is correct, but what many players do not know is that after completing the game, we can find Tyr again.

This is scattered throughout each of the nine kingdoms, so we can meet him. Don’t know where to look for him? Well, here we solve your doubts in this God of War Ragnarok guide for PS5 Y ps4.

Where to find Tyr (again) in God of War Ragnarok

First you must look for him in Niflheim, near the remains area of ​​the Aesir prison. Once you have freed him you will be able to see him in the other remaining kingdoms of the game. Here we leave you the locations of him.

  • Helheim: Near one of the mystical kingdom gates talking to the bird- You can’t communicate with it.
  • vanaheim: In the Freyr Camp area. He will be doing Tai Chi and you can have a conversation with him about Freya.
  • muspelheim: You will be meditating in the area of ​​the cliffs.
  • Midgard: Found on a small island not far from the tower that leads to Jötunheim. You don’t want to talk to the players.
  • svartalfheim: He is in the Watchtower area and will have a conversation with Mimir regarding a secondary mission.
  • Alfheim: On a cliff near Strönd, where he will reflect on Freyr. We will also have to leave him alone.
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