The surreal Skyrim mod that puts all the characters in the game with the head of a jíbaro

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If you were running out of ideas to add to Skyrim, you can now try the aberrational mod that gives all the characters in the game the head of a jíbaro… with disturbing results.

skyrim It continues to celebrate its birthday and is still current. The incombustible Bethesda game turned 11 years ago a few days ago since its launch, but we already said it in the special where we remembered it, it remains fresh thanks to the mod.

The Skyrim modder community has managed to keep the game fresh by adding a number of improvements, changes and proposals that have made The Elder Scrolls V a completely new experience on many occasions.

There are mods that add awesome graphical enhancements focused on dragon textures, for example. There are mods that add tons of customization options and there are mods that make the game a unique surreal fantasy. What are we talking about? The last occurrence seen in Skyrim hardly has a name.

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We are referring to Cursed Skyrim, a mod that is already available on Nexus Mods and that gives all the NPCs in the game a really disturbing look putting all the characters with the head of a jíbaro. The results are terrifying.

The thing has no major twist. The proportions of all the characters in Skyrim are maintained except for the head, which is reduced to a minimum, generating a very strange feeling. What use is this mod? Clearly none, but here you have one more option in case you get bored.

skyrim eternity

As we say, Skyrim has an infinite number of mods. Here are some of the best The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim mods he gave us last year. The biggest project though is Skyblivion, the mod that adds The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion to Skyrim.

Skyrim is now on PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass if you fancy getting back in the game and being the real deal dragon region of. A year ago Skyrim Anniversary Edition was released, which we value as follows:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition commemorates the tenth anniversary of one of the greatest games ever with even more content. It’s so big that there will be those who can live without these additions, but for those who have never played it or want to dedicate another 500 hours to it, this is without a doubt the most complete version to date.

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