The patent for the controls of the new Valve Deckard virtual reality viewer anticipates some of its novelties

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Valve patents a new VR controller with a tracking ring similar to Quest’s, it could be the perfect successor to Valve’s Index now called Deckard.

A new one has appeared patent of Valve what would be the controls deckardthe next and future viewer VR after Index; it would now have a tracking ring similar to the one on the Oculus Quest.

Is patent by Valve may have revealed the remote control of your VR headset Developing. After all, Index has been on sale for more than three years as one of the best viewers on the market.

Now these pictures of the patent by Gabe Newell reveal some images, which have been shared along with their link through the Brad Lynch’s Twitter account.

The patent has come out today: Electronic controller with linear adjuster by a hand strap“, is what can be read in one of Lynch’s tweets.

In fact, it has served to answer some questions from users who were still around: It still has finger tracking, as can be seen in the patent images.

The logo of the creator and owner of Steam would soon have its new VR viewer

The revealed linear hand strap adjuster does not change the user’s grip on the grip, helping to maintain consistent finger placement on the grip.

Which, in turn, aids in the calibration of the finger tracking sensors in the grip“This is what can be read in one of the images of the patent.

In the tweet that is seen above it is commented: “This figure has marked differences from the rest, with the ring that goes down in a similar way to the controls of PS VR 2. It also shows a system button.

The main thing they wanted to show here is the fact that users will be able to remove/replace the hand strap with another one“, it reads.

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In East another tweet comments that they have not shown the rear of the prototype in any of the images: “I have no idea how the triggers are“.

We will see how it is and if it is so sell VR like Index was for Half-Life Alyx, since in our analysis we said that it was the game that justifies the existence of virtual reality.

This is going to be the first edition of the Bilbao International Games Conference, but at the moment Valve has several “exciting” games in development.

The patent of the new VR Valve Deckard viewer leaves novelties, what do they arouse?

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