The best fighting games of 2022, according to the writing of HobbyConsolas

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Fighting games don’t need to change their dynamics much to remain appealing to everyone, but it does take something special to make them stand out. For this reason, we chose the best ones for the writing of Hobby Consolas, among those that have been arriving in 2022. There are easier or more difficult ones, but they are all pure show.

No matter how many years pass, fighting will always be a grateful genre to return to for an adrenaline rush. Now, it’s time to know who the representatives are favorites from the Hobby Consolas staff. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of fighting games that are not wasted.

Between the best fighting games of 2022 there are many classic franchises that are back, but also some surprise new creation that advocates fun for the whole family.

It is true that this year has not been full of “hits” that have turned the tables (it is clear that we are in a moment of transition), but while titans like Street Fighter 6 or Tekken 8 begin to appear on the horizon, here we have most attractive proposals.

Perhaps the persistent lack of stock on consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X has caused all the games on the list to be intergenerational, but at least that way we have guaranteed fun for everyone.

Next we leave you our selection of fighting games. They are not all released this year (out there we have had mini jewels like Them’s Fightin’ Herds or rarities like Gigabash), but those of the list of the best fighting games of 2022 They have been thoroughly tested in the newsroom and have a more than proven quality:

This is a list, not a ranking, so the games do not appear in a specific order. Of course, opting for one or the other will depend on your tastes. Maybe you’re more of a fan of crazy fights, or maybe you’re looking for a more “pro” approach. It doesn’t matter, there is something here for everything.

Without further ado, we present to you the fighting games and fights of 2022 that the writing of Hobby Consoles liked the most.

The King of Fighters XV (PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Series X / PC)



We love to rip list of best fighting games of 2022 with a franchise as veteran as kofwith which SNK Playmore It has experienced more than one up and down (that King of Fighters XIII that was left at half throttle, for example), but now it is back at the top.

The King of Fighters XV has achieved a great balance between an accessible gameplay for everyone and a combo system that will satisfy the most professional e-Sports. Its control is extremely fine-tuned and its graphic approach goes one step further. A must-have fighting game if you like the classic combats.

Analysis of The King of Fighters XV

DNF Duel (PS4/PS5/PC)

DNF Duel

Arc System Workscreators of the extremely popular Guilty Gear franchise or Dragon Ball FighterZ, sign this fighting game inspired by the adventures of Dungeon and Fighter. Unlike most of his games, here the combat dynamics is somewhat simplified to make it easier to jump into the ring.

That doesn’t mean it’s a simple game! In fact, their more advanced fights become quite demanding and a good part of the charm is that we have few characters available, but each one has enormous depth due to their fighting style, secret movements…

Graphically, it is at the highest level to which ASW has accustomed us, so it is one of the most impressive fighting games of recent timesas you can see in this DNF Duel gameplay.

DNF Duel Analysis

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R (PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Series X / Switch / PC)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle RJojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure It’s one of the shōnen manga most celebrated in history and that has led him to star in several fighting video games. One of the most impressive was All Star Battle, which released for PS3 back in 2013 and was the work of CyberConnect 2 (known from the Naruto games, among others).

Nine years later, the game has returned with this “R” version, which includes some new features such as the possibility of calling an assistant in the middle of combat or a catalog of 50 fighters available basic. In return, they have lost the controversial campaign mode (which “forced” you to spend real money) and Story mode.

It’s not the deepest game in the world, but its direct and spectacular combats they will convince you little by little that you are a lover of manga fights.

Analysis of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R

WWE 2K22 (PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Series X / PC)

WWE 2K22WWE 2K22

Although it is one of those annual events in which there seems to be little room for change (after a year of hiatus, in which there was no game), the new installment of this wrestling and wrestling game manages to maintain the type of wonder thanks to a very comfortable control and a graphics engine that gives more show never.

In fact, WWE 2K23 is also included in the best sports games of 2022, given its nature between entertainment, fighting and sport.

Of course, those who are looking for a “simulation within the simulated combats” may be somewhat disappointed, because it is true that the skirmishes are still somewhat superficial, surely designed for the general public that does not want to complicate life. You can see it in more detail with this extensive WWE 2K22 gameplay.

WWE 2K22 analysis

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS4/Switch/PC)

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - PS4, PC and Nintendo SwitchPersona 4 Arena Ultimax - PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch

Persona games are known for their gigantic role-playing approach, but their world is so attractive and spectacular that it also gives rise to very colorful fighting games. That is the case of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, a revision of the game that came to PS3 and Xbox 360 years ago.

Its enormous amount of content (only the Story mode will keep you entertained for many days), its RPG touches and the spectacularity of the combats end up being inevitably lost, although it is true that it has a depth not suitable for all audiences. If you are a lover of this universe, you will have a great time here.

MultiVersus (PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Series X / PC)


PREVIEW of MULTIVERSUS, Warner Bros’ crazy fighting crossover

We end with what is undoubtedly among the biggest surprises of 2022 in terms of video games. When many thought it would be just another hodgepodge of licenses, MultiVersus has surprised with a very complete and fun fighting system, which mixes characters as different as batman or shaggy without the result squeaking. Any Warner character may end up coming!

One of its strengths is in inviting us to constantly collaborate in the 2 vs 2 duels, which gives a light layer of strategy within the crazy fights. In addition, his artistic side is very meritorious and his sense of humor connects with you whether you want it or not. After all, who wouldn’t want Shaggy Ultra Instinct? By the way, the game is constantly expanding.

Thus we end our review of the best fighting games of 2022 for the writing of Hobby Consoles, a year that perhaps has been scarcer than others in the genre, but that has given us splendid representatives. What has been your favorite? We await your lists in the comments below, while we continue reviewing the most spectacular video games of these twelve months.

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