Sakurai raises hopes for a port of Kid Icarus Uprising on Nintendo Switch

A sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising would be "difficult," says director Masahiro Sakurai.

Masahiro Sakurai comments that a port of Kid Icarus Uprising on Nintendo Switch “would be really cool,” and wonders if “someone out there is doing it.”

Kid Icarus Uprising was one of Nintendo’s biggest blockbusters for its 3DS handheld, more than a decade ago.

On a system as small as the Nintendo 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising, the first since the days of the Game Boy, was a true AAA action game, an immense game with amazing graphics, voice acting and online multiplayer.

masahiro sakurai, its director, has recently raised hopes of seeing a port on a home console, such as Nintendo Switch. He has said it in one of his interesting and short videos of his new youtube channel.


The Fiend’s Cauldron [Game Essence]

“It would be great to play Kid Icarus: Uprising on a home console”

His video talks about the difficulty of the games, and he gives the example of the cauldron from Kid Icarus Uprising: a way of betting the difficulty: the more money you put in the cauldron, the more difficult it was, but the more rewards you could win later.

End by saying “It would be great to play Kid Icarus Uprising on a home console. I wonder if anyone out there will do any ports?

The playful tone of his words hints that someone at Nintendo is porting Kid Icarus for Switch. In fact, that is something that was already rumored last summer, and apparently it would be behind Bandai Namco.

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bandai namco is a third party studio very close to Nintendo: it made a large part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai’s latest game, and has also made games like New Pokémon Snap.

masahiro sakurai he directed Kid Icarus Uprising in 2012, and since then has been working solely on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, its DLC, and immediately after the Switch Smash and its DLC, ending a year ago with Sora.

Right now, Sakurai is presumably retired from game development, and isn’t technically a developer for Nintendo, as he signs his games from his own studio, Sora Ltd (which is only him).

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