Overwatch 2 sets a date for Ramattra’s first gameplay and a look at season 2 and its new map

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Overwatch 2 has already announced when the first gameplay of Ramattra, the next hero of the free to play game that will arrive in season 2, will be published. Save the date!

Overwatch 2 significantly expanded its roster of playable characters upon its release almost a couple of months ago. The free to play game incorporated three new heroines (one per role), but there is still an added weight.

The season 2 will bring a new tank, Ramattra, which was introduced a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, Blizzard it only showed us a small glimpse of what this hero will be. Therefore, there is a lot of desire to see what the hero will be like in the game.


Ramattra Origins – Overwatch 2

Well, we have good news for Overwatch 2 fans, as Blizzard has announced when Ramattra will be shown in action. The first gameplay trailer for the character will be released on November 26..

In addition, Blizzard has also shared its communication plan for these days ahead of the launch of game season 2 on december 6. Here we leave it:

  • November 26: Ramattra’s first gameplay
  • November 27: first chapter of a series of development diaries on Ramattra
  • November 29th: first gameplay of season 2 and details with all its content
  • December 2: Overwatch 2 new map reveal

Ramattra, the new Overwatch 2 tank

Originally, Ramattra was a war machine that put aside bullets in exchange for a shield to protect his own, promoting peace and calm. His ideals were not far from those of another omnic monk: Zenyatta.

Yet Ramattra’s story is fraught with hardship, trauma, and an exalted view of humanity’s harshest truths, Blizzard commented on this hero who is the leader of the Null Sector within the lore of the game.

Ramattra is a tank designed to combat the best meta abilities of the heroes Overwatch 2’s most powerful, so it’s sure to have a big impact within the hero shooter competition for this second season.

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In the meantime, Blizzard continues to make changes and come up with new plans to ensure that their game continues to have traction. Overwatch 2 wants to reduce toxicity in games and the company is already testing a new tool.

It’s not the only problem facing Overwatch 2, though, as Blizzard has acknowledged that hardly anyone wants to support and they plan to make it “more fun.” What role do you usually play in games? Do you see possible improvements for the game?

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